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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

COMMENT: As one of the victims who's a journalist, I posted last week that in honor of reverance I wasn't going to even write about pedophiles during Holy Week, to give it a rest. Then their religious holiday Palm Sunday the Pope himself belittled our tragic stories and new evidence coming out as "gossip" showing that Church Hierarchy are more concerned about litigation and combat with the victims than anything to do with pastoral care or a holy spirit.

I have to say as one of the crime victims, it is relieving to see the news stories coming out this week. Thousands of crime victims who have been trying to get this information into the mainstream, some since the 1990s, are so glad that the rest of the world is finally getting past the media corporate control in which the Catholic Church participates, and starting to get the real story. The Internet has a lot to do with that happening.

See ya in the Ether, Shelly

(Posted by Kay Ebeling at: The Catholic Church’s Foot in Mouth Disease by Shelly Strauss Rollison, another blogger at AlterNet SoapBox.)

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