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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

German Firm Creates Christian Equity Index, as World Continues to Turn Upside Down

AND the Vatican Endorses It.

"Cash has always been a thorny subject for the devout. How can one be rich and pious? Yet the wealthy may be able to sleep more soundly following the creation this
week of Europe's first Christian equity index.

"The Stoxx Europe Christian Index is the brainchild of a German investment firm that has spotted a gap in the market to provide a list of companies that the faithful can happily invest in without feeling like they are sinning at the same time.

"They have no links to gambling, pornography or birth control (but pollution is OK). Jerome Taylor on a new portfolio of companies aimed at religious investors

"Christians were also encouraging thoughtful business dealings long before socially responsible investment (SRI) funds became a standard feature of financing in the late 1990s. Christian-led opposition to the slave movement could be seen as the first example of a socially responsible investment protest. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, devoted reams of sermons on ethical business practices.

"His advice was to shy away from aggressive expansion that might hurt a rival and told his followers to avoid industries which harmed the health of ordinary workers. One wonders what he would make of today's market leaders."

From The Independent:
Greed is God: The Genesis of the Christian share index

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