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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blowing My Own Horn


Got to work on the image, though, of a Vatican messenger, arriving at my front door, floating in white robes, to hand me my Publishers Clearing House sized check, the Pope is going to help another adult victim of pedophile priest rape. The news cameras would be out on the lawn, they'd whisk me off in a limo for my trip to the Vatican to actually meet the big guy, then my life would never be the same. Ah yes, it is not hard to find survivors of priest rape around the world who need help and how to help them. If the Pope really wanted to reach out to us, he would not have to go far to find us.

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If the Pope Really Wants To Meet with Victims of Pedophile Priests, We Are Easy to Find

10:28 am, April 13, 2010 COMMENT NOW!

If the Pope really wants to reach out to the Vatican’s adult victims of pedophile priests, he could start by revamping the spa-like rehab centers the Church has around the country for pedophile priests, to make them available as recovery centers for the victims of the priests’ crimes instead. That’s one example.
In Santa Cruz, the Salesian Religious Order has a former campgrounds on twenty acres of beachfront property, where no thinking parent would dare send a child anymore, all that land with little cabins, in all that beautiful terrain, currently housing registered sex offender felony priests from that Order. Why not donate land like that to survivors, and let us run recovery centers?

Pope Blows Own Horn
It’s not hard to come up with two or three things off the top of your head that the Vatican could do in response to the pedophile priest epidemic, now that the Whole World knows there are hundreds and thousands of adult victims walking around with the residue of growing up with the experience of these crimes. If the Vatican really wanted to help victims, they’d have a thriving support network running right now for all the victims in America, and all of us would be doing a lot better than we currently are. It’s hard to get excited when the Vatican blows its horn...
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