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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest from Molested Catholics, Global Agents Provacateurs

Add your bit to the drip, drip, drp of these global crimes: GCAC - Global Clergy Abuse Crisis :

"Exposing the crimes both church and state do not want you to hear or read about"

Latest in the News Molested Catholic Central Read more news here

NEW EXCUSE FOUND - You're to blame -
Comments like that show a complete lack of understanding of the problem of child sexual abuse in our culture and in the Catholi

Seriously? : 'Halo has been tilted'
South African Roman Catholic clergy and gay-rights activists joined a worldwide chorus condemning a senior Vatican prelate's c

Pope Benedict and the Endless Sex Abuse Scandal
A weary Pope Benedict XVI, who turns 83 on Friday, returned from a post-Easter break at the papal villa outside Rome on Wednesd

MALTA You have not got it yet : Justice a long time coming for Maltese clergy abuse victims
Seven years of agonising court proceedings since a group of former abused orphans found the communal courage to come forward wi

Pay their fares as well : Pope May Meet With Pedo-Priest Abuse Victims … If He Has Time
A Vatican spokesman has said the Pope is ready to meet with clerical sex abuse victims when he visits Malta this weekend… maybe

What can you say to that! : World Citizen: The Vatican Fiddles While Rome Burns
The firestorm of controversy battering the Catholic Church shows no sign of dying down, as the institution and its leaders con

Giving Muslims a bad name : Mufti: Church abuse scandal can hurt all faiths
A scandal over the sexual abuse of children by priests could harm the credibility of other religions as well as Roman Catholic

Beatles beat Gallileo by 480 years : Ringo Starr, Parish Priest Rebuff Vatican
As Pope Benedict prepares to go to Malta, criticism of his actions both within and with out the Church are growing. While the V

From Broken Rites Australia
The systemic nature of clerical sexual abuse by catholic clergy in Australia is well illustrated by the current case reported

Country count
Recent cases have been reported in many countries - far too many to suggest that the problem is anything other than systemic th


"Exposing the crimes of the Global Clergy Abuse Crisis which both church and state do not want you to hear or read about" Check the latest news here at Molested Catholics. Be heard, add your voice.

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