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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worst Piece of Journalism Ever in NCR, a Last Ditch Effort to Rescue Church by John Allen

Give it up, John. The absolute worst piece of journalism in the entire coverage of the Pope and Vatican in 2010 so far, by John Allen in National Catholic Reporter, April 17th:

He equates the decades of crime victims coming forward that has culminated in growing media coverage of sex crimes by pedophile priests, to a one-time Nazi smear campaign conducted in 1937, where Hitler and Goebbels used the high number of pedophile cases in Germany to criticize the Church.

All John Allen proved with this story is that pedophilia has been so bad for so long in the Catholic Church, even Adolf Hitler was shocked by it, and yes, used the high number of pedophile crimes to criticize the Church.

But, man, comparing that 1937 "smear campaign" to the stories coming up FROM THE VICTIMS is sheer idiocy, this theory did not even deserve to see print or publication.

But John Allen wrote about it for NCR yesterday.

It is true, yes, finally a lot of news media are picking up the story, after twenty years of lawsuits and a news article here and there, people are finally figuring out this was a holocaust against children, and an international crisis.

Just now, after reading this story in NCR:

Sociologist compares today's crisis to Nazi smear campaign

I posted this comment:

I have never witnessed such a desperate grasping for ways to apologize for the Church. Why? Church leaders allowed thousands of serial sex crimes to be committed against hundreds of thousands of adults alive today.

Every time the Church cooks up another ridiculous argument like this, they lose ground. John Allen just lost any bit of respect I still had for him as a journalist with this piece. It is totally off the wall, no reality to this analogy at all, except a desperate organization ineptly trying to use PR to make itself look better and instead they look worse and worse and worse.

Why not just admit the Church allowed these horrible crimes and start making real changes in the secrecy at the core of the Church, which is the real reason the crimes went on for decades?

No organization should have this much power and be this secret. Open all the doors, air the truth out on everything.

Without secrecy decades of sex crimes would not have happened.

But, instead, we get to watch the Church self destruct. No one is conducting an anti-catholic campaign. We are just victims seeking justice and we are tired of seeing our perpetrators being worshipped and respected when they are felons, plain and simple.

(So far NCR has not posted my comment there, oh well, glad I have my own blog.)

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Calm down man... Yeah, there has been mistakes. Some individual persons have commited sex crimes... Those priests will be punished and should be punished.
However... because these guys happen to be in the catholic church... everyone has decided to blame and attack "THE CATHOLIC CHURCH" What a hell man? An individual priest and "THE CATHOLIC CHURCH" are two completely different things...
As I said before, those individuals should be punished... but stop talking about anything related with "Catholic church" in general... It is just something completely different... Catholic church is much more than you will ever be able to understand, and it will ever be, no matter what... Yeah... I am sorry... but when you die... the catholic church will still be there, you won't... be sure of that.

Anonymous said...

If you have not read this... you might find it interesting.