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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oliver O'Grady Busted Working w/Children at Abuse Shelter for Women and as Church Deacon Under False Name in Rotterdam

UPDATE Amy Berg in Huffington Post Mon Apr. 26:

"A Dutch television station broadcast Deliver Us From Evil, my 2006 documentary about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. A few days earlier, the subject of my film, notorious pedophile Oliver O'Grady, was contacted by Dutch police officers, tipped off by his neighbors who had seen an advertisement for the film. Over the course of his 30-year career as a Catholic priest in California, O'Grady abused hundreds of children and is now living on the lam in Europe. O'Grady quickly disguised himself and fled, taking a train from Rotterdam to Schtipol. He managed to catch the last plane out of Amsterdam on Aer Lingus at 20:45. Ironically, had the film aired a few days later, he likely would have been stuck in Holland due to the volcanic eruption the following day.
As you might imagine, after the film aired in Holland, residents of O'Grady's community in Rotterdam were outraged and contacted me and two of the advocates featured in the film, attorneys John Manly and Jeff Anderson. After I spoke to one Rotterdam family, I discovered to my dismay that O'Grady had been masquerading himself as "Brother Francis" and had been volunteering at their local parish. Needless to say, the community was terrified and is still in a state of panic and shock. Another family told me they had been very close friends with O'Grady and had even traveled with him along with their nine-month-old child."

(Read it in total: Deliver Us From Evil: A Letter to the Catholic Church )


Irish pedophile priest Oliver O'Grady who abused children for many years in America has been discovered helping out as a church deacon in Rotterdam under an assumed name and working a shelter for abused women and their children. Notorious Irish pedophile priest discovered working with kids in Holland

The defrocked priest referred to himself as 'Brother Francis' in Rotterdam. He was thought to be living in Ireland but had recently disappeared. He was found by the Sunday Tribune newspaper.

"The parishioners attending the Church of the Holy Heart, Christ Our Redeemer, had no knowledge about the man once described as one of the most dangerous pedophiles ever. The newspaper reported he was also working at a fast food restaurant where he helped organize children's parties," reports Irish Central in story linked above.

"25/04/2010 - 10:01:02 The convicted paedophile priest spent time living in the Netherlands where he helped out at a shelter for vulnerable women and their children, according to newspaper reports.A Sunday Tribune article says that Oliver O'Grady acted as a church deacon assisting mass." Read more at: Breaking News Ireland

Priest convicted of child sex abuse volunteered in Dutch church
Radio Netherlands - April 26, 2010
An Irish priest who was convicted for sex offences against children has been working as a volunteer at a church in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam. ...

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