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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Polanski Should Not Be Prosecuted, While Priests and Bishops Still Meet with Mayors and Presidents

Hopefully California's victim rights laws will keep this 1977 case out of the courts. It is a joke to have prosecutors go after Polanski for this one crime, where many people think the mother is also at fault for taking her daughter there and dropping her off to be alone with him. So the victim, now a middle aged woman, does not want the details of these crimes brought into court again, especially in today's salacious drooling media climate.

IT IS A JOKE on the justice system to let Roger Mahony attend ceremonies for one more year while at the same time pursuing prosecution of Roman Polanski. The director was an emotionally conflicted human who had one transgression, horrible yes, but it's the only charge against him.

Roger Mahony was bishop then cardinal in California and under his supervision HUNDREDS of pedophile priests raped children freely, frequently, serially, and never got prosecuted.

You can't prosecute Roman Polanski and then hold ceremonies for the retirement of Roger Mahony all in the same year.

Prosecutors argue Polanski victim can't alter case (AP)
AP - Roman Polanski's victim cannot ask for the 32-year-old sex case to be dismissed against the fugitive director or otherwise impact the case, prosecutor argued in a court filing Friday.


(The Victims' concerns being ignored by prosecutors who can't wait to get their names in the news:)

Polanski victim can't alter case‎CANOE - 7 hours ago
COM Prosecutors in Roman Polanski 's child sex case have urged court officials to deny his victim's request to have the 32-year-old charges dropped. ...

Polanski Victim No Right to Intervene: Prosecutors‎ - ABC News

Prosecutors argue Polanski victim can't alter case‎ - The Associated Press

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