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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pope World Court Trial? With Same MO in every city, coverups had to come from the top

On AlterNet today, click this headline:

Pope World Court Trial? With Same Crime MO in Every City, Coverup Had to be Run by Guys at the Top

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At Right Maltese Pedophile Priest Victim April 2010
While mainstream media focus on the Vatican gay comment last week, a UN Jurist has been saying since April 10th that an International Criminal Court investigation is the only way to resolve the Vatican sex crime crisis. I doubt it’s an accident that the comment from the Vatican blaming gay priests for the epidemic of pedophiles in the Catholic Church came just as world attention was focusing on decades of sex crime coverups, after the four years I've observed Church manipulation of news and justice on this issue. Now the story dominating the media is that inane quote blaming gays that even the Vatican denies now.

More newsworthy is the call for a United Nations World Criminal Court investigation of the Pope that got drowned out in the media by the outcry over the Vatican claiming the pedophile problem has something to do with gay priests.
The Vatican has to be the source of these coverups.
How else would every city in the world have the same patterns or criminal Modus Operandi, as the crimes were carried out in each diocese? Geoffrey Robinson, British UN Jurist, calls for an international criminal investigation of the Pope and the highest level of church hierarchy because their crimes resulted in at least a hundred of thousand adult victims of pedophile priests alive in the world today. Figure, six thousand priests found so far in the United States, times ten victims average for each perpetrator, there are sixty thousand adult victims right now in the United States alone.

This was a holocaust against children.

At least a hundred thousand adult victims are alive today
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