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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Janet Clark Writes: Pope Contradicts Himself

From Des Moines Register Blog:

Now that the Pope himself has been implicated in the growing sexual assault crisis, his kind facade is beginning to crumble. The March 29 edition of the Register carried a story, Abuse crisis casts shadow as Holy Week begins; the story contained misleading information. It stated, "Benedict made no direct mention of the scandal in his Palm Sunday homily." In fact, the Pope came out fighting, not for the victims but to hold on to his power. He said in his homily, "Faith prevents being intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion."

Wow. The truth is coming out, and it's not pretty.

Benedict believes people who are reporting sexual abuse and the reporters who are connecting the dots about who knew what, when, are guilty of "petty gossip." Those of us who have worked with, and are, clergy sexual assault survivors, are familiar with the hierarchy's attitude, but it is a bit shocking to see it displayed so publicly.

Read the whole article at

Janet's Des Moines Register Blog

(The pope should learn, the more he speaks in public, the more ridiculous he looks.)


city of angels lady said...

Commenter, this is all I will post of what you put forward: Here is a blog that says something

WE do not publish name calling or hostile comments here, but thanks for the link, yet another blog about the Beatles connection. Yawn.

city of angels lady said...

Bob, I know this is you lurking and hitting me with contiuous hostile comments, most I don't print.

Your syntax, and glaring punctuation and spelling errors, and your tone of attack, is always the same. I'm amazed at what a truly hostile and viscious person you have proved yourself to be. And you say you represent SNAP, I find that astonishing that someone coming from such pure hatred as you is continuing to have a leadership role in that group.

Well maybe not so astonishing.

Yes, BS, It's so blatantly obvious who you are even though you post as Anonymous, you can't hide your idiotic aura, it emanates from inside your sentence structure.

I'm just laughing at you now, Bob, you pose no threat, just it's fun to watch you be a jerk.

kay ebeling

Anonymous said...

WE do not publish name calling or hostile comments. That is all your do on this blog call people names and fill your post with your hostile comments.