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Thursday, April 15, 2010

SOL Reform Needed in Most States


Due to strict statutes of limitations in many states, a large number of people who were victims of sexual abuse decades ago will be unable to pursue legal recourse. In many cases, the victims have repressed memories of the trauma they endured as children, or are otherwise unaware that the conduct they have experienced constitutes a legal cause of action.

Many states, including Michigan, do not recognize these conditions as any exception to the standard statute of limitation.

As a result, very few adults who discover later in life that they were sexually abused as children can receive their day in court. This is true even when the perpetrator admits the abusive conduct.

Sexual abuse of minors is a terrible and insidious act. It is time for victims to have the opportunity to seek justice and fair compensation from our legal system. Restrictive statutes of limitations, along with narrow interpretations rendered by the courts, add insult to these horrible injuries. If you feel that it is time for a change, contact your state representative and senators.

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April 15, 2010 1:29 PM, click title below to read in full:

Oregon Jury Verdict Underscores Need For Legal Protection of Abused Children

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