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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Appalling and Gross Towards Humanity and Children is Bishop of Nottingham. Letter from John Brown in Australia

You can support survivors by making a comment directly to David Milliband after he was reported as being "appalled" by the frank statements of someone appointed to make a range of suggestions. In the true spirit of hypocrisy the author has once again been sacrificed for the sake of the denial of the catholic church in regards the realities of the exploitation and the sexual abuse of children. (John Brown of Australia is responding to: Foreign Office apologises for Pope 'condom' memo story at the BBC.)

For my part I believe Mr Milliband has considered first and foremost his religious ideals which naturally would be one of shock when faced with the reality of the crimes committed against children.

Mr Milliband is suitable religiously shocked, however his political weight in our secular world is at odds with both his own religious beliefs and the ideals of a society that aspires to live by the ideals of equality, democracy justice and the rile of law.

Mr Milliband can take any personal position he chooses, however if he takes the position that this indicates it simply means that Mr Millibands sense of justice is biased through his religious beliefs and as such this impedes his ability to provide a fair and honest representation of the the people. Rather My Milliband has chosen to take the side of and uphold the denial of the catholic church in the face of insurmountable and undeniable evidence.

This denial and subsequent abeyance to the perpetrators of the worlds most heinous criminal activity at the hands of the leading light of Christianity simply says that Mr Milliband and and others of his ilk would prefer to live in a society which payed obedience to a broken religion rather than providing appropriate safeguards and protection for children and the vulnerable. In other words Mr Milliband is unable to see the crimes for the sin of disclosing the truth about the global clergy abuse crisis.

Could someone also indicate to the bishop of Nottingham that it is simply despicable and in the most gross manner possible for a human being for him to state that he felt that this was "appalling manners".

The appalling aspect to this is simply that in one instance the author and the rest of humanity must have to bear with his ignorance.

Perhaps you could also inform him that it has been through a history of such appalling ignorance that society has come to arrive at the beginning of what will no doubt be years and years of ongoing disclosures of crimes against both girls and boys - children - the future of our society, children by the hundreds of thousands sexually raped and denied justice and the bishop of Nottingham finds it appalling manners that someone should attempt to speak their truth.

The truth is that when we have a bishop such as the bishop of Nottingham promoting the abuse of the human rights of women children, the vulnerable and the abused and sexually assaulted and those others harmed for the sake of a broken and corrupt religion and his own denial then it is time for the bishop of Nottingham to get himself an education as to deny the existence and the rights of those of us who have been abused is a greater crime than that of denying the holocaust and perhaps even that the earth is flat as the reality of his statement is truly appalling.

Appalling and gross towards humanity and its children.

Fortunately today even children are able to out think the bishop in regards human rights and justice and they see him for waht he is. A promoter of the abuse of the human rights of those who do not agree with his ignorant understandings.

The bishop of Nottingham owes society an apology for ignorance and stupidity.


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