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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PippiLeak: Abq perp Robert John Smith already a known pedophile in 1959 while in seminary

Letter below reveals Church knowledge a priest was a pedophile decades before his damaged victims finally got a form of justice through legal settlements.

Robert John Smith is the perpetrator described in the book "Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy" which we have written about at CofA Blog here, and here and undoubtedly we will be writing more while we are in New Mexico working on the Murmur She Wrote project, where a little old lady named Kay rides buses and trains around the country uncovering pedophile priest crime coverups in the Catholic Church.

“Msgr. Harrington called at 11:AM on September 11, 1959

“He reported that the police of Springfield informed them of complaints by some parents against ROBERT JOHN SMITH against whom they made charges that he was guilty this summer de re turpi cum infantibus*

[CofA: Per Google Translates from Latin to English: “In base of a thing with their infants.” They already knew Smith was a pedophile in 1959.]

From memo continued:

“He also stated that the charges seemed to be well substantiated, and that Mr. Smith’s Pastor is inclined to believe the charge.”

“Signed Fr. Callistus Smith OFM”

Read the summary of Smith's acts all over New Mexico at BishopAccountability in the database under S.

Per Richard Sipe Code Words to Hide Sex Abuse : "In chancery documents from 1959 I found the phrase De re turpi cum infantibus to describe a priest in trouble. That is a pretty clear admission of the fact of child abuse, of course, meant only for clerical eyes."

[CofA: I posted this letter previously in this post Proof with numerous other Paraclete documents, posted June 16, 2008.]

PippiLeak: Abq perp Robert John Smith already a known pedophile in 1959 while in seminary

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PippiLeak: Priests at Boy Scout Camp staying in tent PLUS lists of names of Servants of Paraclete guest priests

(We continue to release documents from Servants of the Paraclete as part of PippiLeaks at City of Angels Blog.)

This set of documents, which we are calling “Novitiate Notes,” appear to be summaries of daily activities at Servants of the Paracletes, typed up by an ambitious and obliging Novitiate who had no idea of how valuable these notes would be in the future:

From Novitiate Notes June 1956:

Fr. Bill Tobin came to get car for trip to Camp in Arizona where Fr. Joe McNamara is staying in a tent.

“Arrived at Via Coeli, telephoned Santiago Campos to withdraw Court Case… and was accepted and put in Novitiate with Fr. Woebber. Met Fr. Joseph, Fr. George, Fr. Paul, Fr James, Fr. Sam. Fr. William(?) McCarthy.

Listened and enjoyed meditations, night prayers, Fr. Agnellis and his new teeth, a Franciscan from Me. (Maine?)

At the swimming pool met Fr. Jim Mullviny, who worked with Spanish Americans in Arizona and saw their lack of attention to the Church. The swimming was delicious after the [ILLEGIBLE] on the jaw and the hounding experience in Anton Chico.

"The Novice master advised Father to recite the Mass prayers in a lower voice.... Meanwhile the cement mixer arrived from Albuquerque.

"Children picked cherries, red ripe cherries."

"At the Voluntas Dei I met Fr. Doodie who was from Pittsburgh, Bishop Carroll, Sacred Heart Cathedral. Fr. Chris was an Alexian Brother.

(At end of paragraph that starts “Took a walk to see…”

“Fr. Bill said Fr. Joe McNamara is living in a tent at a Boy Scout Camp."

Then from page 2 of June 25, 1956 (I think this is the continuation, it is same typewriter and style)

"Fr. Followed a priest pastor who did not pay much attention to doctrines of The Faith. Father hopes that he did do good work before enemies hit him. Fr. Hopes that the enemies themselves will be punished and converted. Father plans in the future to return, but with more caution, wo they're and when he goes…

“Why the difference? He’s an American. He’s holy and generous. He’s fearful. I am an American, holy and generous. what's the difference? Possibly, I fear the laws, he fears opinions. Possibly he makes no exceptions. I might.”

From June 30, 1956:

“Fr. Wilfred helps the [names family] dig the ditch for the sewer. Father enjoyed talking to Jim Woods and met his boy…. Father Gerald mentioned forming a Foreign Legion of ’re-conditioned padres. ’ ” Signed July 1, 1956, Precious Blood

“Fr. Joe Courtney’s uncle died and Fr. John and [LOOKS LIKE] Fr. George Pa- [ILLEGIBLE] took him and Fr. Tom Holland to the airport or somewhere….

“Fr. Grego has gone to the Monterrey-Fresno Diocese.

Fr. Tony Liscot dided[?] Christmas time up in Minnesota. Fried of Fr. Pansch

“81 parishes in Santa Fe Arch. 20 in Gallup"

“At a Coeli econome visit met Fr. Charles McAniff, Pal Gallagher, Fr. Dennis, Fr. Tony, Bro Alerio, Fr. Bill Bresher."

PAGE 2 of June 30, 1956, novitiate notes

“Weakness of sup. Tells bunch of men to do a job and does not put one man in charge, make one man responsible. A job like cleaning the room downstairs, five men show up. What is clean for one man is not clean for the rest. So one man should have been responsible…

“Surprise for July 4th. New Novice Masters: Patrick J. (T?) Helligan of Rome, Fr. Agnellus.
For the project came:
Fr. Tom Ryan, Fr. Frank… the Singer…
Fr. Pat Wa
Fr. Clarence Kimmens is at Regina Mundi
Fr. Guy is superior at Regina Mundi

Most valuable about Noviate Notes is the mention of different Servants of the Paraclete priests by name:

List of names 1 (112)

Fr. Burque
Fr. Tom Piley
Fr. Tom Ryan
Fr. Gousse
Fr. Goltz
Fr. William

List of names 2(113)

F. Louis Moskal
Fr. Timothy Reiley
Fr. Walter Murphy
Fr. Francis Sharpe
Fr. John Lyons
Fr. Anthony Pietruzussa


PippiLeaks is Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Information Leaks, using City of Angels Blog to release information about sex crimes against children committed by Catholic priests and bishops, information you will not likely see in mainstream news media.


"Fr. Followed a priest pastor who did not pay much attention to doctrines of the Faith…. Father hopes that he did do good work before enemies hit him. Father hopes that the enemies themselves will be punished and converted. Father plans in the future to return… but with more caution, to where and when he goes… Why the difference? He’s an American,… Be holy and generous. Be fearful. I am an American, holy and generous. That's the difference. Possibly. I fear the laws. He fears opinions. Possibly. He makes no exceptions. I might."


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PippiLeak: Santa Fe Archbishop agrees, 'Work quietly, cooperate with psychiatrists' re problem priests, in 1964 letter to Servants of Paraclete

Letter from Santa Fe archbishop to Gerald Fitzgerald at Servants of the Paraclete, dated July 30, 1964, reads in part:

“I agree with your idea of working ‘quietly’ and perseveringly with this problem. It is presumed that in your constant concern for these unhappy men you do not rule out the close cooperation of reputable psychiatrists and doctors with experience in these cases. With prayerful best wishes, I am- Sincerely yours in Christ, James P. Davis, Archbishop of Santa Fe.”
PippiLeaks is Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Information Leaks, where City of Angels Blog serves as a platform for release of documents and other information about sex crimes against children committed by Catholic priests and bishops, information you will not likely see in mainstream news media.

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PippiLeak: Hospital for Sick Priests who are then sent out to parishes on weekends

Another document found during the Discovery process in lawsuits against the Catholic Church re pedophile priests known as the Clergy Cases in Southern California, 2003-2007, a 1956 news article in a Catholic publication in San Diego describes the religious order, part of a fund raising appeal: From first page:

“Via Coeli needs money. Their apostolate won’t let them go to the laity with their hand out for money ‘to rehabilitate fallen priests.’”

“All the members [priests who have joined Servants of the Paraclete as priests after being there as patients] are prepared to comfort guests at any hour, to drop everything to fill in.”

“'You are curious about our graduates,’ Father Gerald writes. ‘They fall into a number of categories [such as] the priest whose fall is rather Davidical in character.’”

In "Hospital for Sick Priests" page 2 Gerald Fitzgerald writes: “There is another class of men whose coming to us is the result of long continual deterioration… This type requires a longer period of spiritual rebuilding and oftentimes we must not only strive to rebuild the individual but the disillusioned confidence of former Superiors as well.

“If we fail- well, with proper authorization we try to find among those Bishops who combine a great need for priests with Christlike patience an opportunity for those priests to begin again.”

Fitzgerald writes: “There are many priests… apparently incapable, without moral relapse, of perseverance in a less protected environment.
“Invariably these men return to us and we are seeking now to establish mission centers where men of this charac---

(To Page 3)

‘-ter could be used in supervised home-based activity, go out for weekend work, temporary cover etc. We have one such house which is highly successful, some eight padres go out each Sunday.”

[CofA: Reading that gives me the chills, knowing now what those “padres” did on weekends.]

PAGES 2-3:

Below is the cover page for this document from the Clergy Cases:


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

PippiLeak: Program of Servants of Paraclete in 47 pages, scanned here, describes life of pedophile priests in treatment

There are still some missing pages, we hope to find them as we continue digging.

Meanwhile click enlarge and read the Program for deviant priests at Servants of the Paraclete in its early years:

"The Paraclete Program at Via Coeli: Aims at the WHOLE man and ALL his needs." Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald

Page 5: “In our communities we live as a family. As a family we strive to maintain the peace and unity of fraternal love.”

Page 8
“Pronouncing vows of chastity… words and example of Jesus are the inspiration for this way of evangelical life.”

Page 9: A whole page dedicated to Chastity

On Chastity: living a “vocation to love either in the married or celibate state.”

“We choose a life of consecrated celibacy.

“Serving the interests of the Lord”

P. 13: “By the vow of chastity we commit ourselves to perfect continence in a life of consecrated celibacy.”

[Well, we all know how that went.]

page missing???

"It is a natural outgrowth of our apostolate that guest priests should be attracted to join our ranks. However, in each instance the guest priest must be left free to make his own choice, and the community should be morally certain that the priest has come to grips with the problem for which he first case as a guest.”

[This concern was in the policy, not the practice]

Becoming a novitiate P. 17:

First interviewed by the Vocation Director. Referred then to:

Director of Associates
To members of the Formation Committee
The Assistant for community
The Servant General
Regional Superior.

[CofA: Sounds like a bunch of guys giving each other titles, with all this review, how did so many perverts end up in the order?]

They had to get “testimonial letters” from every parish where they’d served and sometimes even more reference letters “In addition the superiors can demand such testimonials as seem necessary and useful.”

[CofA: Yet they still ordained all those perverts.]

“Candidates must be free from canonical impediments.”

Each novitiate has to have “reached that degree of human and spiritual maturity which will enable him to respond to this call with sufficient responsibility and entire freedom.”

The “initial incorporation of the candidate” occurs with “vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.” [CofA: Hmm, obedience to whom?]

On Page 20: Considering these particular candidates…:

“Besides the ordinary procedure followed in religious communities in determining the advisability of a candidate’s assuming the life of celibacy, it would seem wise to give due consideration to the advances of science in the fields of psychology and psychiatry in determining the candidate’s ability to live in accordance with the dictates and implications of this way of life.”

[But then the rest of the single-spaced typed page does not mention anything particularly different about the priests in this religious order, just your ordinary group of monks.]


47-page doc scanned in here describes the Servants of the Paraclete program;