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Thursday, December 9, 2010

PippiLeaks: Minutes of Monthly Salazar Clinic Meeting for Servants of Paraclete


From Last Page: “Some discussion then developed on the problem of bishops and major superiors occasionally calling a man back to duty before we judged him ready for recall. On such occasions, Fr. Gerald remarked, we were bound to follow the expressed wishes of those in authority, although we should also point out that it was with reservations that we were releasing a guest-priest in such instances.”

Minutes posted below, in second entry today of “PippiLeaks” at CofA Blog, (Entry 1 today here) Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Information Leaks. posting documents about the pedophile epidemic in the Roman Catholic Church. From a March 1967 meeting of Salazar Clinic, psychiatrists, with hierarchy from Servants of the Paraclete, outstanding quotes:

“After the coffee break, Dr. Salazar asked for comment on the proposed ‘minimum wage’ for supply work suggested by the Archbishop at the last monthly meeting.

“Fr. Mulcahy pointed out that the Archbishop had a verbal understanding with local pastors, and that this understanding was being observed and honored. He also added that the archbishop was absent, and would be absent from future meetings, because, having attended one, he was satisfied that the Paracletes were getting the job done and could handle their own affairs. He stood in support of what they were trying to accomplish.

“Dr. Salazar remarked that although we did not like to make money a matter of first importance, that it was nevertheless a worthy consideration in promoting the sense of dignity and worthiness we were trying to re-establish in our guest-priests.”

“Dr. Salazar remarked that there is a standard of priestly behavior toward which we should try to educate all the priests in our houses.”

“The question of driving privileges for guest-priests was then introduced by Dr. Salazar.”

A brief discussion on a particular aberration followed: Statistics were quotes on percentages of success in these cases. Most allowed for an optimistic outlook, yet agreed that one ‘notorious incident’ involving a guest using his own car could set the program back ten years.”

“Father Gerald … remarked that the one barometer for judging the success of our work was the spirit manifested by the guest-priests themselves. This spirit, he said, struck him as being very good. So he judged the program to be having a good overall effect.”

From notes taken by Father John Feit...

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