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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PippiLeak: Hospital for Sick Priests who are then sent out to parishes on weekends

Another document found during the Discovery process in lawsuits against the Catholic Church re pedophile priests known as the Clergy Cases in Southern California, 2003-2007, a 1956 news article in a Catholic publication in San Diego describes the religious order, part of a fund raising appeal: From first page:

“Via Coeli needs money. Their apostolate won’t let them go to the laity with their hand out for money ‘to rehabilitate fallen priests.’”

“All the members [priests who have joined Servants of the Paraclete as priests after being there as patients] are prepared to comfort guests at any hour, to drop everything to fill in.”

“'You are curious about our graduates,’ Father Gerald writes. ‘They fall into a number of categories [such as] the priest whose fall is rather Davidical in character.’”

In "Hospital for Sick Priests" page 2 Gerald Fitzgerald writes: “There is another class of men whose coming to us is the result of long continual deterioration… This type requires a longer period of spiritual rebuilding and oftentimes we must not only strive to rebuild the individual but the disillusioned confidence of former Superiors as well.

“If we fail- well, with proper authorization we try to find among those Bishops who combine a great need for priests with Christlike patience an opportunity for those priests to begin again.”

Fitzgerald writes: “There are many priests… apparently incapable, without moral relapse, of perseverance in a less protected environment.
“Invariably these men return to us and we are seeking now to establish mission centers where men of this charac---

(To Page 3)

‘-ter could be used in supervised home-based activity, go out for weekend work, temporary cover etc. We have one such house which is highly successful, some eight padres go out each Sunday.”

[CofA: Reading that gives me the chills, knowing now what those “padres” did on weekends.]

PAGES 2-3:

Below is the cover page for this document from the Clergy Cases:


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