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Monday, December 13, 2010

PippiLeaks: Fitzgerald Did Not Want to take pedophile priests off the Tortola island enclave

Next Servant of Paraclete Document here at PippiLeaks*: Letter about withdrawal from Tortola, remote island where SOTP once ran a retreat to house pedophile priests as far away from civilization as possible. Upon orders from "ecclesiastical superiors," Gerald Fitzgerald writes in this November 10, 1960, letter to the Bishop of Virgin Islands to begin the process of removing the priests back to New Mexico.

We see that the founder of SOTP did not want to give up the island in the Caribbean that was being used to isolate pedophile priests, in the letter from Gerald Fitzgerald to Bishop Edward Happer of Our Lady or Perpetual Help in Brooklyn, NY, scanned here “re our foundation in your Diocese in the Virgin Islands.”

Before starting closing procedures in Tortola, Fitzgerald writes, “I thought it prudent to consult His Excellency, Archbishop Byrne (of Santa Fe) who soon expressed “his decision that we give up Tortola. This leaves me nothing else to do but to carry out the desires of my ecclesiastical superior and to ask Your Excellency to let me know how you would wish this withdrawal to be made.”

On Page 2 of this letter Fitzgerald holds several doors open to continue having the island run by Servants of the Paraclete even says:

“Carrying out this request in this matter is possibly one of the hardest obediences which I have ever been called upon to execute.”

Next quote brings up a “Huh?” from city of angels lady as she reads:

“In doing so” (bringing pedophiles back to the mainland States), “I can find consolation only by echoing the words of our Divine Master: ‘Father not my will but Thine be done.’”

So Father Fitzgerald felt that returning pedophiles to the mainland made him as much a martyr as Christ? Or was as evil as killing Christ?


*PippiLeaks, at CIty of Angels Blog, is a platform for public release of documents that reveal the coverup of sex crimes of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church, Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Informaion Leaks, inspired by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

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