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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RFK Jr. on Pedophile Epidemic in Catholic Church from Ring of Fire June 28th PLUS More Videos


Find the Pedophiles then put the cuffs on them: 'I just really wanted to bring him into manhood, in a sense,' says the priest.

SKY TV on the Belgian Raid

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

REDACTED: Sex Offender Priest Names Blacked Out in Transcript of Cardinal Mahony Deposition

Why is Name of Predator from Queen of Angels Seminary in 1986 Remaining Secret?

(While reading Roger Mahony's words under oath in the deposition transcript released 2 weeks ago, Pages Scanned Here, I found that several priests who have been accused and even convicted of child molestation have their names redacted from the transcript, which to me is curious. For example, the transcript reads:) [UPDATE: 1:20 PM, just realized this story sounds like only one perp name is blacked out. Look at last one at bottom of blog, page 60. They appear to be naming names right and left, all redacted. More to come soon. -ke]

Q: Okay, 1985 or '86 he [redacted name] was arrested and charged with child molestation, does that sound right?
A: Somewhere in that time frame?
Q: Does it help refresh your recollection if I represent to you he was accused of putting his hands on and touching the genitals of high school seminarians while they were in bed at Our Lady Queen of Angels Seminary?
A: Yes.
Q: So he was accused of touching and did go to jail?
A: I don't recall. (Click page here to enlarge and read.)

[If this priest was arrested in 1986 on charges related to molesting teenage boys at Our Lady Queen of Angels Seminary, why can't I find his name by cross referencing in Bishop Accountability? Who was this priest? If someone knows, please email me at ]


Why are their names all redacted, when the testimony reveals they are accused and possibly convicted sexual predators as well as Catholic priests?

I Scanned in p. 54 here as well, because I think readers will find Roger Mahony saying things here that he has contradicted other places.

City of Angels is preparing a post where we take apart the entire deposition of Roger Mahony, taken January 25th, in the case of Luis C versus John Doe I et al, a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that settled weeks after this deposition.

Meanwhile, why are all these names redacted?

NOTE: They left in Wempe and Baker...
Stay tuned...
-Posted by Kay Ebeling

Being Certifiable Can Be Liberating

It’s documented, we're certifiable, adult victims of pedophile priests. Plus, it's totally understandable, so it's okay, I can be nuts...
Coming Soon, Cardinal Roger Mahony Redux (excerpts from transcript of deposition of the Archbishop of Los Angeles released June 15th).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Searching for Other Victims of Fr. Thomas Barry Horne

Chicago Archdiocese Thomas Barry Horne (pictured right) founded St. Peter Damian Catholic Church in Bartlett, IL in 1949. He was a bacchanalian fellow, heavy drinker, womanizer. I walked in on him with my mother with her bare breast in his hands. I know he molested both me and my older sister Patricia Ebeling in 1949- 1953 before the family left the Midwest and moved to Los Angeles.

He traveled the entire United States before 1948 in the Chicago Archdiocse Missionary Band, conducting retreats for children and young adults, so his victims today would be senior aged, and could be from anywhere in the USA. He stayed in the small town outside Chicago, Bartlett, until the from 1949 to 1975. Other adult victims today would be at least in their fifties, possibly older than I am at age 62.

Likely side effects these victims lived with were sexual dysfunction and religious confusion. Memories might be repressed as sex assaults happened at such a young age. I did not realize what had happened to me until age 45.

If anyone has information about other victims of Father Thomas Barry Horne, please contact Kay Ebeling at

Saturday, June 19, 2010

City of Angels on Hiatus, to Regroup, Reposition, and Get New Perspective, Before Starting Next Project

(UPDATE: My perpetrator, Father Thomas Barry Horne, was recently removed from the Bishop Accountability database of accused priests, a very invalidating experience. If other "survivors" have had their perp removed, I would like to hear from you.- kay ebeling email: )

Even though Ben Stein and other repubs think people outside the Gulf of Mexico region have no reason to be concerned, City of Angels is quite distracted by the BP Oil Disaster. In fact, to me, the crimes on a few hundred thousand kids at the hands of Catholic priests are nothing compared to what is happening to the entire Earth right now, starting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile the best coverage of the BP Oil Disaster I've found is here from local Gulf Coast people on Blogspot and if you are not convinced we are in trouble, watch this video

I know from years I lived in Houston and months I drilled with the Reserves at Naval Air Station New Orleans that the amount of oil BP "tapped" into, and let loose in a continuing gush, is an unfathomable amount of oil, a sea of oil below the bottom of the Gulf, and up to the 1980s that precious oil was considered a high security priority for the United States.

Now, through negligence and greed, the sea of oil we once defended with stalwart alertness, is streaming into the ocean for what will be an indefinite period of time, and with currents and storms, the oil combined with dispersants (detergent you are not supposed to use in confined spaces as it kills you) will travel out to the rest of the planet.

And defenders of the Gulf NASNOLA turned into a Coast Guard station in the late 1980s...

That oil spewing out is POISON and it is not going to stop any time soon. It is going to affect a lot more than fishing and tourism in the Gulf Coast states.

Forget shrimp, what about life everywhere.

What about the sun beating down on all that oil this summer?

What about hurricanes and rain clouds carrying the poison to other parts of the planet.

Me, I'm distracted now, planning my life in the future, housekeeping in a cave. Hopefully we will still have the internet when this all plays out, and those caves, or underground cities, will be real high tech, but I'm honestly scared right now.

To be honest, when it comes to the epidemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, City of Angels feels like nothing that happened to us as kids compares with the extent of the damage currently being done to the entire planet.

And anything I have to report here about our crimes is irrelevant compared to what is happening to our entire planet right now.

Barack Obama told Americans to pray in his recent televised speech about the BP Oil disaster, not because he's a fundy whacko. I think he was trying to tell us, in a pre-warning kind of way, that from inside the White House, he's seen how bad this is going to get. I also think the reason BP agreed to set aside $20 billion funds in advance, after meeting with Obama the day after his speech.

Oh if Only Obama had been there to meet with The Vatican and set up a fund for All Victims of Catholic Priest Sex Crimes back in 2002!

But he wasn't.

So a tout à l'heure, folks, may pick CofA back up again soon. For now, I'm spending my free time staring at the gush and thinking, our time on Earth really is too short, better enjoy trees, fresh air, and life as we know it, while it is still here.

(And reading trial transcripts, deposition testimony, and other documents I've accumulated, so stay tuned.)

-ke June 18, 2010, updated June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

City of Angels is On 'Hiatus' to Regroup and Find New Perspective, Meanwhile Focused on a More Current Critical Disaster, BP Oil

Even though Ben Stein and other repubs think people outside the Gulf of Mexico region have no reason to be concerned, City of Angels is quite distracted by the BP Oil Disaster. In fact, to me, the crimes on a few hundred thousand kids at the hands of Catholic priests are nothing compared to what is happening to the entire Earth right now, starting in the Gulf of Mexico.

UPDATED: Click here to continue

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Your Daily News Surf

Check out Piety Inc * for a daily roundup of clergy criminal activity (where today they are featuring a video called "Vatican Sweep").

* Objective and independent coverage of the other white-collar crime.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vatican Sweeps: Pillage for Justice for Priest Sex Crime Victims

5 Minutes of Justice for each of us:

Some of us even have our own grocery carts after years of being homeless.

Vatican Sweep! Based on a blog first posted at City of Angels March 27, 2010

There was a time when the only justice for pedophile priest crime victims was to file a lawsuit and go through civil court for years and maybe get a six figure settlement, maybe not. Well now, Victims of pedophile priests can Pillage for justice for pedophile priest crimes.
With Grocery Carts, adults who were raped as children by priests will be given Five minutes to run through St. Peter’s Basilica and Pillage for Justice. Fill your grocery cart with artwork and golden treasures, to reconcile, to make things right.

Some of us even have our own grocery carts, after years of being homeless. Now we're able to remove all those plastic bags of trash we've been treasuring as our only possessions and come on down to the Vatican
Carrying out of a penance laid down by a Great World Court in the sky, the Vatican is now having to open its doors to begin the process of making things right. For decades the Catholic Church turned thousands of pedophile priests loose on parishes and communities around the world. Now hundreds of thousands of crime victims will have an opportunity, one at a time, to push a grocery cart through the Vatican and take anything they can get their hands on in five minutes.
There are priceless works of art decorating literally every nook and cranny, every shelf, so Vatican Sweeps can go on for decades, as one victim at a time rushes through the Vatican grounds and gets what should rightfully be theirs.
Or at least try to level the scales of justice.
Paintings on the walls. If you bring the right tools, you can chisel down Frescoes to where each decorative element can make a vase or a lampshade in the home of every pedophile priest survivor in the world, or their surviving family members
So come on down to the Vatican for Vatican Sweeps.

You can grab statues from the 1600s. Figurines from San Francisco to New Orleans. And don't forget, all those years of peasants bringing any valuables they could find to give dotage to the Pope.

Now it’s up for grabs for the victims of pedophile priests.

They are the first to get the pickings, the individuals who lived with the horror of sexual assault by a catholic priest in the process of being a holy little child. The altar boys, the girls abused in the confessional and catechism classes.

After each victim goes through for five minutes, one at a time, there will still be plenty of wealth to redistribute to the rest of the planet to end world hunger.

SO HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO FINALLY EVEN things out, and see lady justice balance that load on her shoulders.
SO COME ON DOWN TO THE VATICAN, bring your grocery cart, if you are a victim of a pedophile priest, sign up now to do VATICAN sweeps, get your five minutes of justice now. This is Kay Ebeling reporting from the City of Angels which is everywhere.

Inspired by this original post Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is Not that Victims of Pedophile Priests Cannot Forgive, It Is That We Hate Watching Them Get Away With the Crimes

It's that we are disgusted watching these guys get away with never saying more than they have to. The truth just keeps changing. Oh an investigation found new evidence? Okay, then now we'll admit to what was just discovered, but not any more than that. Here, here is a new press statement.
At Left, Mahony and His Lawyer, July 2007

Those of us watching Catholic priest sex crimes over a number of years have watched the truth change, the truth for Catholic hierarchy explaining the pedophile priest epidemic just moves around as different evidence comes out.

Then the Cardinal stands up and makes a press statement admitting that one more bit of evidence is true after all, that their slimeball treatment of children was really worse than they admitted earlier, but it's no big deal because those sex crimes don't happen anymore.

And everyone just believes them.

After all they're wearing holy collars.

Which brings the logic full circle so it bites itself right in the ass.

If Cardinal Roger Mahony had to be deposed on every single perpetrator priest in Los Angeles, the line that defines the truth would just go to new places, would keep moving all over. Soon the cardinal would be shrugging off rapes of hundreds of children, with the same ease as he shrugs off the two boys who were just disposable "illegal immigrants" from his testimony released this week.

I CRY OUT FOR REPORTERS who ask questions, and don't just rely on press statements and releases for stories. Meanwhile, we all get what we get. Mushy leadership.

Criminals run everything in the USA now, why wouldn't they also run the Church?
What Originally Riled Me Up after 'Taking to my Bed' Yet Again to Do this Post:

Will Pope Benedict's apologies for abuse crisis ever be enough ... Jun 11, 2010 ... USA Today, Faith & Reason: A conversation about religion, spirituality & ethics.
They Just Don't Get It.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taking a Sick Day Today

Best Headline and Subhead in the World re Pope and Priests in Telegraph UK

Pope: 'priests are gifts to the world'
The Pope has described priests as "gifts to the world" - as it emerged that five clergymen had been suspended in Italy following allegations of sex abuse.

Check For Yourself

I Love It, No Matter What Lies They Tell, They Get No Respect!

Monday, June 14, 2010

VIDEO: Vatican Pap: Pseudo Apology 6.11.2010, City of Angels on YouTube

I Am So Going To Do More Of These, slurry diction reminds me of Ann Richards, one time Governor of Texas (Democrat):

I know there’s fans running in the background and I'm no professional. I mean I got no lips. But I'm one of the Catholic pedophile priest victims and I've been watching Treme on HBO. If John Goodman’s character can do it so can I.

Pope Benedict stood up and begged forgiveness from = quote persons involved unquote = and after that he did not mention, nor does he ever mention, the nature of the crimes and that there are hundreds and thousands of adult victim and their families living damaged lives otherwise today.

Because the Catholic Church aided and abetted pedophiles and now they want to get away with it. Last Friday pope was preaching a sermon to mark the end of the ‘Year of the Priest’ in Rome Friday June 10, 2010.)

Last Friday The Pope said, “In this very year of joy for the sacrament of the priesthood, the sins of priests came to light — particularly the abuse of the little ones, in which the priesthood, whose task is to manifest God’s concern for our good, turns into its very opposite.”
That's what he said.
Which shows me that

Their Year Of Joy got turned into the opposite?
And now he’s mad because we spoiled his party.

Worst yet news media everywhere then said in headlines around the world, “Pope Apologizes” when in truth, he didn’t.
He did not apologize, the news media just all said he did.

The Pope asked the victims to forgive him so he and his staff can keep running their “religion” unhindered, this after they allowed tens of thousands of us as children, teens, and vulnerable adults all over the world to be brutally raped. His employees, mentally sick Catholic priests, raped us. For decades this went on.

Pope Benedict did not show mercy. The Pope just revealed last Friday he just wants his life back.

The Pope is as sincere as BP CEO Tony Hayward June 4th saying he wants his life back, instead of the inconvenience of having to answer news media questions about the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Gush ongoing catastrophe.
How is BP’s Tony Hayward’s arrogance any different from the Pope’s apology number 5 or so to victims of his predator priests Friday?
To the Vatican, it’s like we victims aren’t even here.
These apologies for clergy sex crimes from the Pope are predictable, always internal, and never go any farther than the boundaries of the Catholic Church itself. They're just talking to themselves

They say “We must pray more, We must look inside ourselves.”

No you must let law enforcement inside and look inside you.

But to say these crimes have anything to do with Christ, Christianity and Religion, and to do your apologizing from a balcony overlooking the Vatican, how does that help the hundreds and thousands of crime victims and their families?

I doubt half the victims of his priests even attend that church anymore. Some of us get nauseous just driving by a building that looks like a church.

It was All Satan’s fault!!
Finally, Friday’s “apology from Benedict XVI” actually tried to blame the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church on “Satan” which invalidates all of us Catholic priest crimes victims who pretty much think the whole Catholic religion is a crock, and how else can we feel when they let their pervert priests rape us as children?
The Pope said the sex crime spree he calls a “scandal” should make priests grow “in gratitude for God’s gift, a gift concealed in ‘earthen vessels’ which, ever anew, even amid human weakness, makes his love concretely present in this world.”
See how they embed these felony sex crimes into the religion and thus avoid prosecution?
I'm Kay Ebeling reporting from the City of Angels which is Everywhere

ROUNDUP: News on Pedophile Priests in Catholic Church You Will Not Read in Mainstream Media

Speak Truth To Power Rabble Rouses in Boston

More pictures and story from Boston below:

Papal Apology Evokes Bloggers
From Agnostics-Library blog:
Pope Benedict XVI has come one tiny step closer to contrition over the Catholic clerical abuse scandal, and asked for forgiveness, as the New York Times reports. Even so, the Pope could not help but try to evade responsibility for everything that happened. The pope said the Devil was behind the scandal, saying it had emerged now, in the middle of the Vatican’s Year of the Priest, because “the enemy," or the Devil, wants to see “God driven out of the world.” The Vatican’s thinking implicit behind everything that’s happened … this is not really a failing of the Church and by the Church. It is, instead, an external affliction, imposed on the Church from outside it, by the Devil; in other words, it’s part of an ongoing spiritual struggle between the godly Church and the Forces of Darkness, and it’s the clergy who are its real victims ( Read Entire Blog Post Here )

As the celebratory “Year of the Priest” draws to a close, the pope had this to say last Friday, June 11: “It was to be expected that this new radiance of the priesthood would not be pleasing to the ‘enemy,’” Benedict XVI said. “He would have rather preferred to see it disappear, so that God would ultimately be driven out of the world.” The term “the enemy” is a traditional Catholic way of referring to the Devil. [From AP newswire.]
Translated from the traditional gobbledygook, the pope is saying the devil made the pedophile priests do it so people would turn their backs on God, who is represented on earth by the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church.
If anyone knows about pedophiles in the church, it is Joseph Ratzinger (his real name, or just-plain-Bennie), himself. ( Continue Reading Here )


(Stop Mind control And Ritual abuse Today)

P. O Box 1295, Easthampton, MA 01027-1295 USA
Home page:
Issue 93 – July 2010
The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter. Continue Reading Here
From Jay Nelson
Summertime is movie time.

Check the nearly 300 shows currently listed starting with Part I: Clerical Comedies. I’ve left out all the pro-Church syrupy schmaltz that I can. No Sister Act or Going My Way here, folks. Most of this stuff would get you into trouble with the Legion of Decency, which is kinda the point So if you’re bored with reruns and the same old stuff on can-- (Continue reading here)
Where are the perps now?
BINGO! Found 'em!

This page from the Society of the Divine Word's Office of Education, Recruitment and Formation, (whoever they are) has a little list. Enough of these institutions are clergy-mills run by the Servants of the Paraclete and other known enablers like the Guest House, that I think this list might just be for clergy only, even though some places, like The Meadows and Hazelden, handle other types of patients.But there are places I've never heard of in Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Connecticut, and a bunch in Missouri...Check it out here

ALSO going on in the Midwest
(CofA Does Not Remember Who Sent This Link:)
Opus Bono Sacerdotii (work for the good of the priesthood) was founded in response to many sensitive situations with priests around the world requesting unique assistance to confidential problems. These problems may encompass a whole spectrum of circumstances, however, the success in finding solutions is understanding the uniqueness of each individual and their particular needs, abilities and desires especially as it effects the extraordinary relationship between the natural and supernatural aspect of the person of the priest. Opus Bono Sacerdotii is a Catholic charity that in partnership with our benefactors, assist bishops, religious superiors, and Vatican officials in finding solutions for the proper care and treatment of priests who are the most troubled, tempted, discouraged and suffering in their personal lives and priestly ministry. In the past eight years since our founding we have been contacted by over 5,000 priests and many bishops, including the Holy See (From this recovery "troubled" priest organization's newsroom: Accused Catholic Priests Left in Limbo

Put the Pope in Jail, T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers

FROM BOSTON, Sunday's Press Event to
Remove Cardinal Bernard Law
Ruth Moore Took Pictures Shown Here and Delivered This Speech:
We stand here today in solidarity calling out in one loud voice:


On November 4th of 2002 nearly 8 yrs ago, as we stood here on this very sidewalk calling out “Law Must Go."
Cardinal Bernard Francis Law apologized and asked for forgiveness to those attending Sunday Mass. The media interviewed several of us after mass that day asking if we could forgive Cardinal Law.
My answer then is the same today, “I will forgive him when he is in jail serving time for the crimes he has committed.”
Our elation that justice would be served by Law’s resignation and departure from Boston was short lived.
It was impossible to foresee that Bernard Law would be summoned to Rome by the Pope and elevated a prestigious position within the Vatican.
What a slap in the face his promotion was not only for those of us here in Boston but for all of humanity, past, present and those yet to be born.
A fire continues to burn from within over this insult. It is an outrage of historic proportions that at this very moment, Cardinal Law who stood by while thousands of children were raped and sodomized continues to live a life of prestige and luxury in the heart of Rome.

We pledge not to forget, that each day, thousands of victims from all corners of the World, continue to suffer. We also pledge to continue to call out yet again and again from the center of our being -


In closing I would like to read a short poem by Vinnie Nauheimer in remembrance of this ongoing tragedy (Moore then read this poem).

Ritual Rite of No Return
By Vinnie Nauheimer, 2004

I see the flickering candle light;
Hear agonizing screams through the night.
Sacred objects used to defile;
Nodding approval the evil smile.

Contorted faces come back to haunt;
Yes, we did this to you they taunt
Keeping me silent was their aim
Heaped upon me, the burden of shame.

I was there for their pleasure.
Pain I suffered knew no measure.
That was their prize, their lasting treasure;
Pain doled out at their leisure.

This brand of evil knows no bounds
Over my body they made their rounds.
In the depths of their depravity
They violated my every cavity.

Crucifixes, candles and a whole lot worse;
How can grown people be so perverse?
Who would believe such evil can exist
Operating freely, living in our midst?

Ruth Moore is Coordinator of STTOP (Speak Truth to Power)
Poet Vinnie Nauheimer can be reached at

STTOP Event In Boston Globe:
A dozen people protesting sexual abuse by clergy picketed in front of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross as Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley said Mass inside. O’Malley honored couples celebrating their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries this year and stressed to them the importance of commitment.
Protesters have appeared at the cathedral most Sundays for the past eight years.
The pickets, many from a group called Call to Action Boston, held signs bearing photographs and names of children who have said they were sexually abused by clergy. (Read the story in Boston Globe that included photos of this demonstration while reporting on the removal of yet another priest for abuse charges here: Quincy priest on leave after abuse allegations )

Posted by Kay Ebeling

The City of Angels Is Everywhere

Why not make a phone call today?

DOJ numbers all numbers begin with 202
Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Chief, 202 /. 514-3594
Fraud Section, Chief, 202 / 514-7023
Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000


Poland okays forcible castration for pedophiles

Poland on Friday approved a law making chemical castration mandatory for pedophiles in some cases, sparking criticism from human rights groups.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

VIDEO: Pope Pseudo Apology Number Whatever to Priest Sex Crime Victims

Better version of this video is now up on YouTube published June 14. FOCUS: I know, I have to work on my technique. But here is Take One, City of Angels responds to Pope Benedict XVI Pretending to Have a Religious Experience While Apologizing Away the Pedophile Priest Epidemic and its Repercussions During Closing Ceremonies of the Year of the Priest in The Vatican last week.


Rather Than Sue The Vatican...

It will be much more gratifying to buy old churches soon at repossessed real estate auctions...


Friday, June 11, 2010

Pope Did NOT Apologize, He Just Wants His Life Back

Ratzinger/Benedict begged forgiveness from "persons involved" and that's as far as he went in even mentioning the hundreds of thousands of adult victims of pedophile priests and their families living damaged lives today.

Hopefully that's just a bad translation of his sermon for the end of the Year of the Priest in Rome today.

Worst yet the media everywhere says "Pope Apologizes" in headlines.

No he didn't, he asked me to forgive him so he could keep his stuff. He did not show mercy, he just wants his life back. The Pope is as sincere as the BP Executive recently bemoaning the loss of his life because he has to answer to the news media about the Gulf Oil Gush.

Remember image at left by Aussie John B last year?

It's as if none of these serial felony child sex crimes ever even happened, like we aren't even here.

They don't care about boys and girls sodomized and otherwise penetrated and how that destroyed our lives. They want to go on as if nothing happened, it's easier to call these crimes "sin" in hushed tones. The media is going along with it gratefully as they don't want to face what was done to us either.

Blaming the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church on Satan invalidates all of us who think the whole religion is a crock, and how else can we feel when they let their pervert priests rape us as children!

He said, "in this very year of joy for the sacrament of the priesthood, the sins of priests came to light -- particularly the abuse of the little ones, in which the priesthood, whose task is to manifest God's concern for our good, turns into its very

SOUNDS TO ME like he's mad we spoiled his party.

The pope said, the scandal should make priests grow "in gratitude for God's gift, a gift concealed in 'earthen vessels' which, ever anew, even amid human weakness, makes his love concretely present in this world."


HERE: Try not to get sick reading these headlines, can't you just hear the corporate media owners sighing relief?

Pope issues fresh apology for paedophile priest scandals - Nick Squires - ‎4 hours ago‎
The strongly-worded apology was more specific and forceful than expressions of remorse that the Pope has previously issued since clerical sex abuse ...

Will Pope Benedict's apologies for abuse crisis ever be enough? USA Today - ‎7 hours ago‎
Pope Benedict XVI has apologized -- again -- for clergy sexual abuse of minors as the global scandal continues to scorch his papacy. This time, the apology ...

Pope Apologizes; Asks For Forgiveness
KEYC - ‎1 hour ago‎
The Pope apologized for the sexual abuse scandal - saying we beg forgiveness from God and from the persons involved. ...

Pope vows end to priest abuse
ABC Online - Leigh Sales - ‎3 hours ago‎
The Pope has given his clearest apology to date over the paedophile priest scandals, begging for forgiveness and pledging to stop the abuse from happening ...

Pope offers apology for sexual abuse
Press TV - ‎5 hours ago‎
This is the Pope's most direct apology over the widespread sex scandals that rocked the Roman Catholic Church across the world. ...

Pope concludes 'Year for Priests' with sexual abuse apology
Ecumenical News International - ‎2 hours ago‎
Pope Benedict XVI has marked the end of the Roman Catholic Church's Year for Priests by apologising for the scandal of sexual abuse of children by clergy. ...

Pope begs forgiveness for church sex scandal
AFP - Gina Doggett - ‎7 hours ago‎

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Friday begged for forgiveness for the paedophile priest scandals rocking the Roman Catholic in his clearest apology yet ...

Pope Begs Forgiveness From Child Abuse Victims
CityNews - ‎4 hours ago‎
Pope Benedict XVI offered an apology for the crimes committed against children by priests at a mass in St. Peter's Square Friday and promised he'll do ...
(THink I'll takE a SWiM in tHe Gulf of Mexico)

Posted by Kay Ebeling, Hollywood, California

Always a better version on AlterNet a little later

Here is Wednesday's post with better headline and better editing at AlterNet:

MY PEDOPHILE HOUSEMATE: Franciscan Seminary in Santa Barbara Was Private Neverland for Father Robert

POSTED: 5:18 am, June 11, 2010 COMMENT NOW!

It’s impossible to read Iggy’s emails and then say the Catholic Church did not enable pedophiles:

“One time he brought in this young boy. They walked through the living room and straight into his study, then closed the door.” Iggy hesitates. “I heard the kid through the door say ‘Father Robert.’ And the way his voice sounded. It was this exclamation…. But I thought, nothing could be wrong, he’s with a priest. I just let it go. But my memory kept it. ‘Father Robert! Father Robert!’ Sometimes things are right in front of us and we don’t even see them.”

When I began researching the hundreds of child molestations that took place at St. Anthony’s Seminary in Santa Barbara, I wrote to Ignacio Aceves, one of dozens of adult victims of priests at the Santa Barbara school run by Franciscans.

Aceves’ first emails were tentative, then he opened up and poured out memories of years he lived and worked at the seminary, sharing living space with Fr. Robert Van Handel....

(The rest of the story is at AlterNet, here, then from there you will click back to here again, you could spend the whole weekend going back and forth ...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just posted this comment at National Catholic Reporter, finally a break at work

Finally some time to read the news, made this comment at National Catholic Reporter:

I've been writing a blog for 3 and 1/2 years as one of the victims of pedophile priest rape at age 5-6. Now I'm a journalist who will never get a settlement from the church as they throw out as many of our cases as they can, and mine is more than 40 years old. Point is, if the Pope wants to contact survivors, he does NOT need to go to SNAP, there are plenty of us out here being public, we are easy to find. My email address is all over my blog at so if the Pope really wanted to talk to survivors, I would have heard from The Vatican by now. They all just talk talk talk and nothing genuine gets done. The settlements just fractured whatever movement there was among "survivors" by separating us into two completely different classes, and by giving the public the impression that this was all about money. It didn't have to be.kay ebeling, los angeles

Here is the story that drew the comment, do not know if the comment will be approved...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MEMORIES: Housemate Was Pedophile Priest w/Maybe Hundreds of Victims, St. Anthony Seminary, Santa Barbara 1980s-1990s

Better opening of this story here:
MY PEDOPHILE HOUSEMATE: Franciscan Seminary in Santa Barbara Was Private Neverland for Father Robert
POSTED 5:18 am, June 11, 2010
It’s impossible to read Iggy’s emails and then say the Catholic Church did not enable pedophiles: “One time he brought in this young boy. They walked through the living room ...

HERE IS the Original from Wednesday:

“One time he brought in this young boy. They walked through the living room and straight into his study, then closed the door.” Iggy hesitates. “I heard the kid through the door say ‘Father Robert.’ And the way his voice sounded. It was this exclamation…. But I thought, oh nothing could be wrong, he's with a priest. So I just let it go. But my memory kept it. ‘Father Robert! Father Robert!’ Sometimes things are right in front of us and we don't even see them.”

When I began researching the hundreds of child molestations that took place at St. Anthony’s Seminary in Santa Barbara, I wrote to Ignacio Aceves, one of dozens of adult victims of priests at the Santa Barbara school run by Franciscans. Aceves' first emails were tentative, then he opened up and poured out memories of years he lived and worked at the seminary, sharing living space with Fr. Robert Van Handel.

The clever priest persuaded the Franciscans to let him run a boys' choir making him able to for 20 years take his pick of boys from the community in just the age range Van Handel craved. “Now I understand that it was also a constant supply of attractive little boys," the priest wrote soon after his 1994 arrest, in a "sexual autobiography."

"He could easily have abused 150 boys,” wrote a psychologist in Van Handel's Probation Report.

(See if you can still say the Catholic Church did not enable pedophiles after reading emails from Ignacio Aceves that resulted in this first person story.):

When Van Handel was arrested, and he was at the County Jail, he was sharing a room with a cop who was arrested for sexual abuse of a child. I saw him (during a tour of the facility). He was sitting, reading, he had a book about the size of a photo album and he looked so calm and relaxed, as if he was behind his desk at the seminary, looking over some material. It was surreal. I tried to see what he was reading via the camera on the ceiling of his cell that was monitoring him, but I couldn't tell.


Where do I start?

Yeah, well one friar once said about the material things Van Handel owned while at the seminary, "If this is poverty, bring out the chastity!" and would break out in laughter. These guys live the life, traveling, partying, etc. etc.

What did they have? Well, access to a photo lab; lots of children's toys; a dog that he used to get the attention of the boys; a late model VW van which he painted twice within a month because he didn't like the color the first time; use of a 15 passenger van for his choir [Santa Barbara Boys’ Choir] to take them places like Magic Mountain; a lot of the seminary property was at his disposal for boys choir-related stuff; he had several offices at his disposal i.e. (S.B. Boys Choir office; his own office across from that office ); a lot of boy choir stuff for the performances; use of half the Casa for Boys Choir events (Xmas-related event in the former school library {downstairs} etc. etc.).

He would use dormitory space for SB Boys Choir camp (he let the boys stay there for some kind of boys camp); Use of former seminary facilities for boys choir use (a long list here); at one time he owned a large station wagon dubbed the "boys choir car."; he used this to take boys to Lake Cachuma.

An audio visual room for boys choir whatever (the windows were obscure so I couldn't see inside.), two music rooms for boys choir practice; the Rector's Lounge back room was a costume room for boys choir; tons of stuffed animals were stashed in a tiny space under the stairs in the restroom in the main building. (I never understood that.).

He had a secretary for that boys choir office who helped him.; lots of parking spaces where Van Handel would play tag with the boys after their practice in the tower ; a chapel at his disposal; soccer field space where boys choir might hang out sometimes.

R.V.H. used the Casa to have the boys over; the Casa lawns were places where the choir boys might play with R.V.H.'s dog named Elgar. the attic of the sacristy was also used for a lot of boy choir props/costumes.

The barn (a huge dorm on the top floor of the main building) was at his disposal.

Plus credit cards; a mountain bike; stereo equipment; lots of tobacco for his pipes.

Trips to England with the boys choir every four years.

Tons of booze located in a pantry next to the kitchen at the Casa; ice cream and cookies for the choir boys in the kitchen fridge; VCR- television; camera equipment.

Casa use to tutor a single boy; etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on...

In a nutshell, much of the 16 acres of the Santa Barbara Franciscan property was R.V.H.'s Neverland.

"Not a month went by that Defendant did not molest members of the Santa Barbara Boys Choir,” reads the Probation Report.


ANOTHER EMAIL (We talked about where Van Handel lives today in Santa Cruz, how it looks from Google Earth):

He lives way out in the boonies! This must be like one of the camping trips for him, minus the choir boys. The place looks like a trailer park. Do you think this is some kind of registered sex offender colony?


My God, RVH was in the news a lot! It was very strange sitting in the living room at the Casa and seeing RVH on the news, I could see him on the screen sitting on the very sofa in the living room that I was sitting on watching the news. Very surreal. Around that time, he was on television so much that I dubbed the news channel the Van Handel Channel.

I just remembered something about the day in the courtroom when RVH was going to be sentenced. The judge read a list of things RVH got to do while in therapy. At one point, the judge read about how RVH got to go to a football game! The judge was pretty upset. RVH did a lot of things that were fun, at least to him. The judge was not happy.

R.V.H. (Robert Van Handel ) told me that he had a degree in child psychology when I was living in the same house. I wasn't the only one he told this to. As far as I know, he really didn't have one. I think he only had a church history degree.

There's something else I want you to know.

It wasn't uncommon for me to be watching a TV show in the living room, only to have R.V.H. rush in the front door and change the channel so he could watch a particular show that he enjoyed.

The show was The Wonder Years. It had a wide-eyed character in it played by a child actor [Fred Savage]. The show was narrated by the boy’s character as an adult looking back on his childhood.

I also recall one time R.V.H. rushed in the front door and to the VCR. He would look through some tapes quickly and stick one into the machine while I was in the middle of watching a television show.

Guess what he was so excited and in a hurry to watch?

A video of choir boys singing.

The picture wasn't even that great. It was a damn video! I thought to myself, "Why did he have to rush in to watch a video? That's one of the advantages of a video, you don't have to rush to the television to see it!"


RVH: “In an emotional outburst I said, ‘I don't know how you can say those things about my father. He’s a very good man!"


RVH kept a row of teddy bears on his bed when he was at the Casa.

I once had a girlfriend who invited me to a 12 Step meeting. When we arrived at the building, I read the sign said Schick Center. It was a place that doubled for people with nicotine addiction treatment. Anyway, the people there all had teddy bears. I asked her after why they had teddy bears and she said it brought the child out of the person.

That's when I thought about why Van Handel had the teddy bear animals on his bed.

“If Van Handel started his abuse career at age of twenty, continuing until forty-five, acting out on only ten boys per year, he could easily have abused 150 boys.” Therapist in Probation Report.


Sometimes, when R.V.H. and I would watch television, there might be a scene where a very young child (actor) would say something in the dialogue. R.V.H. would comment on the child character’s response saying something like, "A child at that age wouldn't respond in that manner." I noticed how R.V.H. appeared to have a knowledge of age appropriate behavior among children.

Just took these notes about Robert Van Handel’s school, no mention of child psych:

High school grad (St. Anthony’s 1965)
San Luis Rey College 1969 BA philosophy
Graduate Theological Union College 1972, MA Theology and Master of Divinity 1975
UCSB 1991 MA History.


IGGY IN MY EMAIL WROTE: RE his address today in Santa Cruz: It's close to the place he gets therapy for his "sex addiction."


Over the phone, Iggy remembered Van Handel as a clever man, who in the TV room always commented favorably on con artists and crooks getting away with crimes in TV shows.

"He would put his hands on his chin and look straight ahead and say, How clever," Iggy said. "He really got floored by people getting away with crimes. I think he got behind the wheel of that cleverness, all those years.

"The way he had the lab to develop his pictures, the choir boys, he’d raise money for the kids to go with him on trips to England.

"Things can be right in front of you and you don't see them."


Background: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Predator Franciscan describes years he ran Santa Barbara Boys Choir, 'A constant supply of attractive little boys' (5 pages scanned here)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Priest Abused a Boy a Month in Santa Barbara Boys Choir. With 150 victims, he serves time for one. Now living in Santa Cruz
One More Email from Ignacio: If you'd like to see what a divider looked like at the seminary sophomore dorm in the Summer of 1980, check out the film Evil Speak (low budget horror film). Look at the scene where the black student walks around a tall green interior divider by a bed. It was shot at St. Anthony's.

Ignacio took a job as a handyman at St. Anthony’s seminary when he was a teenager in Oakland because, “It meant I got to live in Santa Barbara.” Employees of the Franciscans often lived in dormitories on the Pacific Coast property. “I Worked there 86 to 87 and also 1990-1994 (when the property was leased to other nearby schools).”
Iggy himself was a victim of a different perpetrator priest at the seminary, Gus Krumm. (It was hard for a boy to avoid, imagines the City of Angels).
St. Anthony's Seminary closed in June 1987
Posted by Kay Ebeling, The City of Angels Is Everywhere

More Background: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Predator Franciscan describes years he ran Santa Barbara Boys Choir, 'A constant supply of attractive little boys' (5 pages scanned here)
Friday, January 29, 2010

The Pedophile Mind: In panic as his conviction for child molestation approached, the priest poured out his sexual history to give the Court
Friday, January 29, 2010

A Pedophile Mind: As sentencing approaches, priest pours out sexual history hoping for probation, gets notoriety instead

BANNER: 12 Year Protest Outside Vatican Embassy in Washington, John Wojnowski


Protesting for 12 years now in front of the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C., John Wojnowski sent this picture to City of Angels today:

Email City of Angels:

You Think Pedophilia Is Bad, Vatican Also Oversaw Genocide, Independent Reports re Rwanda

Column Monday June 7 in Independent:

“Have the cover-up specialists of the past suddenly become credible un-coverers? Must not independent commissions be established to deal with such cases?”

In Rwanda, the most serious crime is not the clergy in “sex scandals”. It is the church’s role in genocide, and now its activism in denial. But unfortunately, this is of little concern to the Vatican

Despite the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, mass murders in churches, and the involvement of churchmen in this odious crime, the Catholic Church appeared to have lost nothing.

The significance of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was not evident at the Vatican. On Christmas day, 1994 Pope John Paul II offered his Christmas wishes from the central loggia of St Peter’s Basilica.

The Pope’s words on Rwanda, reported by L’Osservatore Romano on January 4, 1995 were elusive and disingenuous. The Pontiff avoided the word genocide and the ideology behind it; instead he described Rwanda as one of several “new centres of tension,” affected by “persistent forms of selfishness and violence” and the “tragedy of war” caused by “irrational passions.”

After the genocide, like other institutions with influence, the church had a responsibility, for the future of Rwanda, to develop a new awareness and to confront the ideology of ethnic hatred that had led to the genocide.

Regrettably, certain authorities in the Church opted for escapism and to maintain its ideological

Continue Reading:
Vatican loud on paedophiles but silent on genocidal priests
Monday, 07 June 2010 04:30 Tom Ndahiro

Monday, June 7, 2010

Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Website Tells Untold Story

VOICES of the Canadian Holocaust
Taking Action

"The time has come to end our complicity in mass murder."
Our exposure of the Canadian genocide has simultaneously indicted the social order that gave rise to it. Euro-Canadian Christian society as a whole stands condemned in the dock alongside those persons who ran the Indian residential schools, sterilized and murdered children, spread smallpox, and dug mass graves.

Despite their best efforts to ignore this fact and contain the whole matter with pseudo “apologies”, the Canadian government and its partner Catholic, Anglican and United churches now face the same kind of historical reckoning that Nazi Germany did after its defeat in 1945: an awakening to their own criminal nature.


Support our efforts to launch a full, non-governmental inquiry into genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools.

To arrange to work with us, contact:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
c/o 260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 2H8

ph: 250-753-3345 or 1-888-265-1007


Posted by Kay Ebeling
The City of Angels Is Everywhere

ROUNDUP: News re Pedophile Epidemic in Catholic Church You Will Not Read in Mainstream Media

Hundreds of news stories in dozens of countries about Mario Pezzotti result from work done by Bill Nash last month in Massachusetts. Another Catholic Church outreach program for survivors forgets to include survivors. Plus link to a website that exposes the Archbishop of Washington, D.C.. Who to call at the U.S. DOJ and more in this week's Roundup of News About Pedophile Priests you Won't See Featured in Mainstream Media.

Plus another letter from Joey Piscitelli

Pursuit of Bishop Dupre of Massachusetts

Watch for a hearing in Springfield, Mass, the last week of June to unseal the Deposition of Thomas Dupre (pictured right). The Bishop retired and disappeared after The Republican newspaper of Springfield, Mass., confronted him with molestation accusations in 2004. The bishop was indicted on rape charges same year by a Hampden County grand jury, but avoided prosecution because of the statute of limitations.

Dupre fled allegations he abused two young boys when he was a parish priest in Holyoke, Mass., in the 1970s. He has since reached out-of-court settlements with both men. Lawyer John J. Stobierski, who represents the plaintiffs, said Dupre invoked his Fifth Amendment to questions through the deposition.

City of Angels will still get a copy of the deposition transcript when it’s released, to see the questions Bishop Dupre did not want to answer.

Put the Pope in Jail, T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers

Something that showed up in email:
(Names changed to protect the innocent.)

The Catholic Church in BLANK about two hours south of [REDACTED UK city] where we live, was having a night for victims and MM and I decided to go as the night was advertised in the papers and radio.

MM and I walked into a room of about a hundred people. Looking around the room, it seemed to me that there were no victims and only Catholic churchgoers.

MM and I were thrown out because we got up and talked. MM asked if there were any victims in the room and nobody stood up.

I asked if I could go back in but they wouldn't allow us to return. Just bullshitting us yet again.


Alvin Campbell of Springfield, Illinois, in the News Again

This story was in mainstream news
But deserves repeating here from May 30th:

The late Rev. Alvin Campbell of Springfield, Illinois: The future Pope Benedict XVI refused to defrock an American priest who confessed to molesting numerous children and even served prison time for it, simply because the cleric wouldn't agree to the discipline.

The case provides the latest evidence of how changes in church law.

More stories about the late Rev. Alvin Campbell of Springfield, Illinois Telegraph 5.31.10; Washington Post 5.31.10

One of the Highest Ranking Archbishops
Wuerl of Washington D.C. Exposed:

A fascinating website Concerning Archdiocese Washington D.C.’s Donald Wuerl and his Cover-up of sex crimes of his own former personal secretary. Website had plenty of evidence that can be copied, pasted, resized, etc:


In CASE you missed it:

Bringing the Vatican to Justice
By Sam Harris,
Author/ Neuroscientist
on Huffington Post

I confess that, as a critic of religion, I have paid too little attention to the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Frankly, it always felt unsportsmanlike to shoot so large and languorous a fish in so tiny a barrel. This scandal was one of the most spectacular "own goals" in the history of religion, and there seemed to be no need to deride faith at its most vulnerable and self-abased. Even in retrospect, it is easy to understand the impulse to avert one's eyes: Just imagine a pious mother and father sending their beloved child to the Church of a Thousand Hands for spiritual instruction, only to have him raped and terrified into silence by threats of hell. And then imagine this occurring to tens of thousands of children in our own time -- and to children beyond reckoning for over a thousand years. The spectacle of faith so utterly misplaced, and so fully betrayed, is simply too depressing to think about. But there was always more to this phenomenon that should have (Click here to continue reading)


Letter from Joey Piscitelli,
Slightly edited,

Read edited parts at bottom;

Hi Kay. I sent this letter to head of the School of Canon Law, and surprisingly, I got no response.

TO: Catholic University of America
School of Canon Law
May 20. 2010

Reverend Robert Kaslyn,

My name is Joey Piscitelli, and I was* violently molested by a deviate sociopathic priest named Fr. Whelan, who worked in San Francisco for Cardinal William Levada. I sued the ** priest in 2003, and won the trial against him a jury verdict of guilty. It was appealed several times, and I won all the appeals.

The other question I have is, why would men who claim to represent God himself, like Ingels and Whelan, be such hypocritical child rapist trash

Cardinal William Levada, who kept the sexually abusive low life trash in ministry with little children, clear up until the guilty verdict against him, had a canon lawyer named Fr. Gregory Ingels. You may probably know him.

Gregory Ingels was also a filthy serial pedophile rapist, whom Levada chose as his canon lawyer. Levada knew this.

One question I have is why would Levada have such a disgusting sickening rapist as his personal canon lawyer?

The other question I have is, why would men who claim to represent God himself, like Ingels and Whelan, be such hypocritical child rapist trash, and why would the church hierarchy like Levada cover up so may crimes for these despicable sex abusing reprehensible sub-human pigs?

I had to vomit twice as I wrote this. I puked for 5 minutes.

Anyway, It boggles my mind.

Thank you.

Joey Piscitelli


* violently sexually molested by a filthy, disgusting, perverted, despicable, deviate, sociopathic low life

** filthy perverted

Bishop Accountability on Gregory Ingels
San Francisco Archdiocese:

Ingels, a widely known church legal scholar and former vicar of priests of SF Archdiocese was accused in 1996 of having oral sex with a 15-year-old boy, Levada allowed Ingels to remain in public ministry and flourish for years as a force in church legal matters. Ingels continued as a church official even after a 2nd charge by woman. Placed on leave in 2002. Criminally charged 5/03 but charges were dropped 7/03 due to U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Included in 6/05 settlement.

San Francisco Chronicle 5.23.03; Daily Bulletin (AP) 5.24.03; LA Times 5.25.03; San Francisco Chronicle 5.29.03; SF Weekly 6.9.03; San Francisco Chronicle 11.12.04; SF Weekly 1.19.05; SF Weekly 1.19.05 (2nd article); San Francisco Chronicle 6.11.05; San Francisco Chronicle 6.14.05; SF Weekly 7.13.05; AveWatch 12.22.08; NY Times 5.5.10


From Richard Sipe last month:

New fact sheet released at the website of Richard Sipe dated May 3, 2010:

No one today has to be convinced that sexual abuse of minors is a deadly serious problem. It is a longstanding and widespread crime—it knows no cultural, ethnic, economic or religious boundaries. The Roman Catholic Church has come under a great deal of scrutiny and criticism in the public forum over the last ten years after the publicity given its pattern and practice of hiding abusive clergy and covering up their crimes. Even the Pope is currently embroiled in the crisis. Some considerations follow:

1. Pedophilia is a psychiatric diagnostic term that is limited to sexual preoccupation or involvement with a prepubertal child (usually under 13 years old) by a person five years older than the victim.1 It is often misused in the media.

2. Ephebophilia is a lay-term that describes sexual preoccupation or activity with an adolescent (usually 13 to 17 years old) by a person at least five years older than the victim.

• Sex with a minor can indicate either or both of the above terms. According to church records 71 percent of sexual abuse of minors by clergy in the U.S. occurred or began between 1960 and 1984. (Read more: Click here to read the rest of this research at the Richard Sipe website)


Hundreds of News Stories Result from Work of One Survivor in Eastern Massachusetts:

Bill Nash, shown here in an AP photo April 2010, from previous work regarding the same perpetrator, helped several Associated Press reporters over a month long period and uncovered an American perpetrator with new victims in Africa.

Bill helped several AP reporters “to track down yet more victims from remote villages in Sierra Leone where Mario Pezzotti worked for many years as a missionary priest with the Xaverians,” Nash said recently.

The AP Story circulated nationally and internationally after its release.

“Every time I learn of yet another victim of this priest, I am saddened by the number of lives he destroyed,” writes Bill Nash, who interacted sexually with a different Xaverian James Tully while he was a high school student in seminary. “I’m even more outraged by the complicity of the church who allowed this to go on,” he continues. “If I didn’t contact the Vatican in 2008 about Tully and launch an international media campaign, he would still be hanging out in Italy.”

The month of work Bill Nash put in on perpetrator priest Mario Pezzotti resulted in the May 8, 2010, AP story from Sierra Leone that began: "A rutted red dirt road leads to 'the bar.'"

It can still be read at this link: Fox News

City of Angels wrote about Bill's work last year, when he made a presentation in Italy, in Italian, about James Tully who Nash tracked to an Italian village. Here is our coveraage from January 11, 2009, at City of Angels 5:

Victim tracks down perpetrator, speaks at a conference where ephebophile priest hiding out in Italy, now gets to see him laicized in New Jersey
Six months from the day Bill Nash stood in front of the press in Springfield, Massachusetts and said the priest who sexually assaulted him as a young seminarian should be punished, the Rev. James Tully has petitioned his religious order for laicization. Nash tracked down Tully (pictured above left) to the village of Vicenza, Italy, and became alarmed reading that the ephebophile priest was living unsupervised in a Xaverian Religious Order property. Between June and November, Nash held six press conferences, and handed out... (Click title above to read entire story at City of Angels 5)

Image at top of Bishop Dupre was cropped and doctored from photo at Mass Live dot com a 2008 post, found on Google Images.

Why not call the DOJ today?

Department of Justice in Washington DC:

Organized Crime and Racketeering
Section, Chief, 202/514-3594

Fraud Section, Chief 202 / 514-7023

Department of Justice
Main Switchboard


Mass. Bishop Charged With Rape; No Trial Planned ( Sep 27, 2004 ... 27 --
A grand jury indicted Bishop Thomas L. Dupre, the former head of the Springfield, Mass., Roman Catholic diocese, on two counts of ...

Look Back: Bishop Dupre scandal WWLP.comww
May 20, 2010 ... One day after his resignation, Bishop Thomas Dupre was faced with ... the facility and captured the image of a man who appears to be Dupre. ...


Blog posted by Kay Ebeling, The City of Angels Is Everywhere

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

SCANNED Here: Hodgman Memo Shows Limp Investigation of L.A. Archdiocese Withering

How I got this memo is another story, see below, double click to enlarge:

How Memo Came By Snail Mail Today:

Blogs get little respect in the world of corporate media, which permeates government and non profit offices as well as American business.

I had to beg the DA Media Relations people to release the May 26 Hodgman memo to me, as had they released it to the AP and Reuters and the L.A. Times. She said, No, we only deal with the mainstream...

I got forceful, found strength I did not have in January 2007 when I started this blog, defended City of Angels as THE ONLY outlet that genuinely covered the L.A. Clergy Cases, mainstream media just copy and pasted each other. "I can't argue with that," the PAO in the DA's office said but she still didn't want to fax me the memo. I said, "In fact, the only real journalism IS on blogs today, and no one is pulling my strings, I'm doing real journalism, reporting things no one else is reporting, in other words News. Mainstream guys are all just copy and pasting each other."

She finally agreed to fax me the memo.

Then my fax machine wouldn't work....

Anyway, there it is scanned in above, as City of Angels continues to do what salaried, indeed high placed, individuals don't bother to do, and CofA does it with "No Budget*." We tracked down and scanned in the Hodgman memo reported widely last week, essentially letting Cardinal Mahony and the L.A. Archdiocese off the hook.


And Mahony will likely retire and spend his end days right here in the Los Feliz District of L.A. where he was born, and City of Angels Headquarters will continue to be just down the hill from him in East Hollywood.

By Kay Ebeling, The City of Angels Is Everywhere
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SECRETS:AG Candidate Hides SF Catholic Archdiocese Files from News Media

On Page One of AlterNet Now:

SECRETS: Kamala Harris Hides Catholic Sex Abuse Files in SF While Running for Attorney General in CA

“SF Weekly’s attempts to obtain her office’s files on Catholic clergy abuse under the state Public Records Act suggest Harris favors concealment over transparency.”

While trying to get elected California’s top prosecutor, SF District Attorney Kamala Harris is ignoring news media requests to turn over San Francisco Archdiocese files that hold details of Catholic Church handling of pedophile priest crimes going back 80 years, according to reports in SF Weekly.

From ‘A Secrecy Fetish’ in SF Weekly June 2:

“Harris, has for five years rebuffed reporters’ efforts to view those files, despite statements by former DA Terence Hallinan saying they should be released.”
“The records at issue may contain answers to a question of great public concern that has consumed international headlines during recent weeks: What did senior...

POSTED: 9:27 am, June 5, 2010 COMMENT NOW!

Where is Law Enforcement?

The Obama Administration believes The Vatican instead of hearing the outcry of thousands of adult victims of pedophile priests. We are pleading for a federal investigation, instead we get bucked back to a lower court. Sex crimes by priests were networked and organized. The structure that enabled it crossed state and national borders and that structure is still fully intact.

Where is law enforcement?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hunger Strike: Irish Adult Victim of Child Abuse by Catholic Church in Day 18 Outside Bishop Residence

"Hunger will take place outside the Bishops residence in Drumcondra ongoing until the Catholic Church is brought to trial for its genocide of the Irish people through dehumanisation of children," reads the website.

Message Received 5 Minutes Ago on Facebook:

John Ayres is an abuse survivor from a Catholic institution. He is protesting about the lack of a criminal investigation following the publication of the Ryan Report over a year ago which detailed sadistic sexual child abuse and a systemic cover up.

Ayres started the hunger strike on 17th May without telling anyone. He has no backing except Facebook groups. The media are reluctant to get involved for at least the first 21 days. More information

ke- The City of Angels Is Everywhere

Outrage at Obama Siding with the Vatican, continued:

The U.S. Government argues in the Supreme Court for The Vatican, ignoring the outcry of adult victims of pedophile priests and their families who are pleading for a federal investigation. Instead the Solicitor General finds a phrase in a decision they can quote in an amicus brief, allowing the Feds to buck pass back to a circuit court and avoid the hard work of prosecuting tens of thousands of sex crimes against children, perpetrated out of the Roman Catholic Church.

The same crimes, same patterns, same MO in one Archdiocese after another, all across the country, indeed all over the world, pedophiles preyed on parishes.

And Pope Evil Eyes is grinning from behind a golden chalice.

"We did it guys, we got away with it."

It was a pedophile network, overseen by the Vatican, left to run out of control in Catholic churches around the world, and now the U.S. Government wants to let them get away with it.

The tens of thousands of survivors of these crimes around the USA are reeling right now, for a whole new reason. We now have post obstructed justice trauma syndrome.

If we can't turn to the President, after state and county governments have one after another dropped investigations, who is going to see we get justice for these crimes here on Earth?

Please don't tell me the bad guys will burn in hell, as you don't really know that, do you.

The priest sex crimes were networked, overseen, and organized and need to be dealt with here, in this time, on this planet.


The argument we hear in every state for ignoring the crimes is always the passage of time, the statutes of limitations, too many years since the priests perpetrated the crimes. It's been too many decades, it's against the pedophiles' civil rights to prosecute 40-50 years later, as we quoted a Catholic lobbyist in New York saying yesterday.

Psychologists are publishing breakthrough research today saying:

It takes decades for the victim as an adult to realize they were even assaulted.

Yet in this same decade of breakthrough understanding of dynamics of child abuse and its effects on the adult victim, prosecutors working for the United States, and in most states and counties, still shrug off these serial felonies inside the Catholic Church, even though the crimes brought catastrophe to tens of thousands of American families.

Aiding and abetting of the crimes involved crossing state and national borders.

Where is law enforcement? Where are the prosecutors?

Nothing in this country is working right.
PS: From AB in Pennsylvania: If this [SOL] is the case then there should be time limits on "HOMICIDE" as witnesses die and people forget, what a bunch of BS...
The City of Angels Is Everywhere

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catholic Lobbyist Downplays Clergy Abuse Crisis as Actions of A Few Individuals 50 Years Ago

In today's NY Times re state lawmakers rejecting Child Victims Act fifth time:

Dennis Poust, the communications director of the New York State Catholic Conference, said the vote represented an emerging consensus that time limits on legal liability were an important civil rights protection. The conference is the policy arm of the state’s Catholic bishops, the bill’s most formidable opponents.

“You cannot ask institutions to take responsibility for the failures of a few individuals whose actions took place 40 and 50 years ago,” Mr. Poust said. (Continue Reading here )

CofA: They keep getting away with this lie. If these crimes only involve a "few individuals," how did they add up to five thousand priests in the USA and perpetrators emerging in other countries?

There was an epidemic of pedophilia among priests and the Catholic Church turned these perverts loose in American communities. Now because people do not want to insult other people's religion, they are getting away with it.

What a great cover for a criminal, wear a priest's robes, you can get away with anything.

FIASCO: Vatican and Big Oil Both Bewilder Obama

A better (revised) version of this story is running on AlterNet: FIASCO: Vatican and Big Oil Both Bewilder Obama

This post is the 1st draft:

Obama and his advisors grasp how the Vatican aided and abetted priest sex crimes about as well as they grasp BP Oil criminal acts in the Gulf of Mexico, as the recent amicus brief siding with the Vatican by Solicitor General to the U.S. Supreme Court reveals. Many emails we get at City of Angels compare handling of the BP Disaster by Obama to the Catholic Church handling of the sex abuse crisis.
Obama and his advisors understand The Vatican's aiding and abetting of priest sex crimes about as well as they grasped BP Oil criminal acts in the Gulf of Mexico, as the recent amicus brief siding with the Vatican by Solicitor General to the U.S. Supreme Court reveals. Many emails we get at City of Angels compare handling of the BP Disaster by Obama to the Catholic Church handling of the sex abuse crisis.

Remember this one month ago?

A Japanese astronaut first saw damage expanding in the Gulf of Mexico. "From his perch on the space station, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Noguchi, Expedition 23 flight engineer, photographed the Mississippi Delta showing the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico on May 4, 2010." Continue reading Oil Slick Looks Scary from Space here. Photo Credit: NASA

TODAY: Jim Hightower writes on AlterNet: Our government blindly went along with BP's false assertion that only some 5,000 barrels a day were pouring from the well, when independent experts were shouting at the White House that the correct volume was up to 19 times that much.

Finally, almost a month after the blowout, Obama ordered a moratorium on drilling new offshore wells and on granting environmental waivers to the oil giants. Bravo, Mr. President! But his moratorium was simply ignored. Days after his order, oil companies were handed at least seven more drilling permits and five waivers. (Continue reading Who The Hell Is In Charge here )

Nothing in this country is working.

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