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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vatican Sweep! First posted at AlterNet Today

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Vatican Sweep: With Grocery Carts Survivors Run 5 Minutes through St. Peter’s, Pillaging for Pedophile Priest Justice

Posted by cityofangelslady at 7:25 am
March 27, 2010 COMMENT NOW! Vatican Sweep! With Grocery Carts Survivors Run 5 Minutes through St. Peter’s, Pillaging for Pedophile Priest Justice
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Some even have grocery carts of their own after years of being homeless. Right now the only justice there is for adult victims of pedophile priests, and there are tens of thousands of us in the USA, is to file a civil lawsuit. If the state where the molestation happened has liberal enough laws, you will get a financial settlement, often you get nothing. I’ve watched this as a journalist covering Catholic priest pedophile crimes for three and a half years now and I came up with this great suggestion for a solution:

Handle Justice Like A Supermarket Sweep

It fits so well with the Commercialization of Everything that is happening in the 21st Century, and with the dominance of reality TV in our culture. We could broadcast Vatican Victim Sweep! as a new reality TV show and one ceiling like the one pictured above could support 50 survivors and their families alone.

Vatican Victim Sweep, Great Reality TV!

Let adult victims of pedophile priests take grocery carts and be turned loose in the Vatican, a few victims at a time, for each week’s show. Each of the 70 to 150 thousand or so persons in the U.S. who are living with the residual effects of being on the receiving end of a Catholic priest’s “pretend sex while celibate” would have a chance to run through the Vatican with a grocery cart and take anything they want.

Including documents hidden in Vatican secret vaults that describe these crimes!

The thousands of boys sodomized while learning to serve on the altar at Mass, the girls masturbated in the Confessional when they were too young to even know what was happening and who then were promiscuous for the rest of their lives and never understood why (now we know why there used to be so many dirty jokes about Catholic school girls), the priest who is attracted to young boys who are beginning studies for the priesthood like he did as a boy, the incarcerated sexual predator who raped dozens of children, using the same MO Father Bob used on him when he was a kid.

ALL OF US, not with attorneys, but with Grocery Carts, get to have five minutes, just five minutes is all we need, to run through the Vatican and take whatever gold and jewels and art we can stuff into our grocery carts.

Then after all the victims from the U.S. are finished, the reality TV show can stay in production, as there will still be plenty more loot. These guys have been hording wealth for centuries, and what humans beings deserve more to be the first to take their choice of gold and silver from the Vatican as it closes (soon hopefully) than the adult victims of pedohpile priests? After us, all the other people whose lives were destroyed in other ways by the Church can help themselves to the rest of the wealth.

The reality TV show could stay in production for decades.

They would never run out of victims or wealth for them to pillage.

Since no one really has jurisdiction to prosecute the Pope, letting the victims do a Vatican Sweep with grocery carts might be the only way in these peculiar cases to balance Justice.

In the L.A. Clergy Cases as they ground through Superior Court in 2007, often the judge and lawyers would admit that these crimes have no real precedent, there is no other crime to compare with the crimes of pervert Catholic priests using their unique roll as being “above human” to prey on children. So it will take innovation, new ideas, creativity, perhaps reality TV inspired new venues (!) to find a way to get true justice for the adult crime victims of these extremely unique and awful crimes.

The priests helped themselves to children as if the bishops told them Catechism class is theirs for the taking.

Yes. These priests were serial pedophile rapists.

Not just men who lost control for a few minutes and touched a child inappropriately. I have been researching and writing about Pedophile Catholic Priest Sex Crimes since I started City of Angels Blog three and a half years ago.

Back then, I thought Chicago was the worst archdiocese, then New Orleans, then Boston, no it’s got to be New Mexico where the Servants had a treatment center and the perverts went out on free passes, but wait, then the cases from the 2003 California window came up and we all thought Roger Mahony and the L.A. Archdiocese were the worst, especially since Mahony used to be Bishop of Fresno, and during the February 2009 trial, Santillan Brothers versus Bishop of Fresno, people emailed me convinced that Fresno is the festering source of all the pedophilia in the Church.

Truth is these crimes took place in high numbers in every archdiocese in the United States, and now we are finding pedophile priests were likely allowed to help themselves to parish and school children all over the world as well. Obviously there is something inherently wrong here with the institution itself.

Pedophilia is Systemic in a Church that has to keep its mandatorily celibate employees satisfied. Children were disposable to them, so they used children to satisfy the priests. That’s the Dark Ages mentality the Catholic Church brought to modern America, and the result is tens of thousands of permanently damaged adult children, and many never even live to be adults, as the suicide rate among the crime victims is SO HIGH.

You don’t produce six thousand (6000!) pedophiles, cover up their crimes for decades, and still have a functioning corporation thriving all over the world, unless you are the Roman Catholic Church. No other entity in the world would have been allowed to turn its perverted problem employees loose on a parish population of children where all the priests had to do was not tell too many people what they were doing and they could pillage and rape freely.

You doubt I’m telling the truth?

Look into the carnivals they used to have at Mary Star of the Sea Church in San Pedro, California.

Talk to the boys and girls, now adults, who used to be picked out of the crowd of kids at the Saturday carnivals Mary Star of the Sea parish used to have for San Pedro area children, Catholic and non-Catholic.

A group of pedophile priests, including George Neville Rucker, Henry Vetter, and Michael Baker

Would pick their choice from the kids at the carnival

Take them off to an empty building on the church property, and rape the children, including penetration, including sodomy, over and over again. Some San Pedro kids could count on getting raped every Saturday, after their parents dropped them off with these oh-so trusted men of God.

The San Pedro crimes are just 5 from the 510 cases that settled in L.A. July 2007 and remained mostly secret as a result. The L.A. Archdiocese paid out $660 million to 510 people and thousands of documents describing the crimes are now in L.A. Superior Court Archives, available for anyone to read, contact me if you want help finding them. They don’t make it easy. There is one computer terminal for everyone in line, you are allowed to look ten minutes, then you have to get in the back of the line and wait again, AND it takes almost your entire ten minutes to find the doc you want.

Or you can buy printed copies. Any docs filed after January 2008 you have to buy, you can’t really see the new docs at all in L.A. Superior Court unless you buy copies, at fifty cents a page, and the documents are hundreds of pages long.

That’s freedom of information in the USA today, it costs fifty cents a page and will end up running into thousands of dollars, for a journalist or anyone else to read the whole truth about these crimes. Meanwhile Catholic schools and churches around the country are going out of business, but the dons at the Vatican are clutching onto their gold ceilings telling local bishops to figure out a way to solve the financial problems resulting from the pedophile priest scandal themselves.


Both by and to the bishops all the way up to the Vatican.

People should be asking:

What was the motivation to keep these crimes secret and let kids continue to be raped. Now that we all know the crimes happened, why was the Church so lax? Why did they let the priests continue to rape rather than be investigated? The motive for the lack of investigation needs to be investigated next.

Meanwhile I’m in training for my day to do the Vatican Sweep, and I still have my grocery cart from when we were homeless. I’m ready when they are.

(maybe next lifetime…)

I’ve watched several friends get small to large settlements from the Catholic Church, and they hardly ever seem joyful after years of litigation and niggling with teams of Catholic Church Attorneys who do things like accusing them of lying and being only in it for the money during depositions. So civil settlements to the fraction of victims who can fight the Church in Court isn’t really the final answer.

What we need is a Vatican Sweep, a genuine Law Enforcement Vatican Sweep.

Pope Benedict XVI says the Church has resolved this crisis, but all they’ve done for years is damage control.

Well some of us are just too damn damaged to be controlled.

Read about perp priests Vetter, Rucker, and Baker at BishopAccountability Dot Org in the database of Six Thousand Credibly Accused Pedophile Priests in the USA, under V, R, and B

Posted by Kay Ebeling, Producer, The City of Angels is Everywhere

What we might find as we pillage:

Jeff Anderson Describes Vatican Secret Vaults in Al Jazeera Interview
“Where does the Vatican’s own system of justice stand within international law? “They have their own canon law which requires secrecy and requires any scandal to be hidden in secret vaults. They also have laws which say crimes against minors and crimes committed within confessional must be secret. It is in gross violation of international law in any country because their own laws don’t give regard to the harm to children. “All their protocols are designed to protect themselves and their reputations.”

Read entire interview here:
‘Scandal hidden in secret vaults’ -Kathleen McCaul
Posted by Kay Ebeling

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