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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

City of Angels is Looking the Other Way out of Respect for Holy Week

Out of respect for Holy Week, what for some is a period of prayer and reverance, City of Angels is going to look the other way and write about other topics at AlterNet SoapBox for a week.

Out of respect for people who do better with ceremony than I do, I am not going to post about the pedophile priests again until Monday April 5th.


Just out of respect for all those persons who really want to spend some time set aside for prayer.


I was drifting off to sleep last night as KCal9 news came on and the Blonde Bombshell who was anchoring referred to the Pope writing off the Evidence Jeff Anderson discovered that is probly going to bring him down for all his crimes as "gossip."


My voice hollered out from deep inside my throat bypassing my brain as I was half asleep, the gurgling multi-decibel holler bellowed out, shook the building, the Sea Witch herself crying out waking up the neighborhood.


Read more Monday April 5th.
Just as I was going to hit Save after editing at 7:38 AM just now, this conversation took place on the Stephanie Miller Show on KTALK AM radio in L.A.

CALLER: You know something I think maybe something good will come out of all these Catholic bishops covering up for the pedophile priests. Because now the forward looking women in the church, especially nuns, will become more and more prominant and The Vatican will not be able to deny them.

STEPH: Well, celibacy is not normal. If you want to ever not have sex, just get a radio show.

CALLER: Well in the beginning priests did have wives. The trouble is that most Catholics do not know their history, they do not know the history of the Catholic Church.

So, we'll see if I can keep myself from writing something nasty about these perpetrator priests for a week. I will probly write a bunch of stories and save them as drafts, and hit Publish on all of them at Midnight Sunday April 4th.

Me, I don't take well to ceremony. Easter is bunnies and baskets to me, not even that anymore, now that I don't have little kids around ...

As angry as I am about the bishops, I do respect individuals and their passion for spirit, even those who still feel they have to stay in the Catholic Church to pursue it, and for them this is a week of reverance and prayer. Most of the parishioners and other Christians did not take part in the great coverup of child sex crimes...

Non-Catholic Christians as well, want to have at least a few days to focus on Jesus, and I respect that.

Me, I am Zen Christian, which means I try to have a constant contact with a higher power, but I don't believe in holy days, or special words of prayer pronounced a certain way, or any ceremony, as I've found the Truth is in every moment. I read the Bible a lot because it is humans trying to communicate the spirit from thousands of years ago. But for me, the Word in the Bible is best read without thinking about what the exact words mean, but just by absorbing the spirit.
See ya, guys.
PS: PS: Besides the Pope and his robed partners are doing a good enough job of making themselves look like idiots right now, I don't have to post a blog to point it out this week...

PSS: We WILL however post an ever changing array of Videos up above this post, as the week goes on... at

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