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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Media Spin Does Not Work in L.A.

I think the real reason most survivors who live in L.A. do not go to SNAP events is this is a company town. Media Spin was born and developed here. So even if you don't work in the business, your friends and neighbors do. In L.A. we see 'Spin Doctoring' for exactly what it is, and when we don't agree with it, we don't participate in it.

After talking to several local people over the phone last night, and knowing my own gut reaction to things, I think that is the real reason for low turnouts for events in L.A. A 'genuine' quality is lacking, a problem that could easily be repaired by letting the local survivor leaders develop relationships with the local media and decide what to put into the news, based on local beliefs and sensitivities. For some reason SNAP says to that suggestion for years, "That's not how we do it."

The result is something not quite real. And Spinmeistering just does not work in L.A., we can see it from the minute it starts, all of us who live here, it's in our DNA, our cells are developed to detect it.

Internationally and Nationally, the Catholic Church spin on pedophile priests right now is to point at all the pedophiles in other Churches. I'm not going to participate in their PR spin. I AM going to point out the Spin anywhere I see it.

Did anyone else notice the word "dismay" was used by both SNAP and the Vatican last week to describe reactions to new allegations coming out?

Everybody needs to pay more attention and, just like in the TV series V, which is very prophetic-

(And returning to ABC Tuesday March 30!),

"Trust No One."

AND Please Don't tell me your feelings have been hurt. The issues and people with which we are dealing require us ALL to have to put personalities and sensitivities aside and deal with what is genuine and real and in front of us.


THEY use guilt and fear of hurting feelings to keep us down.

Just tell the truth, don't worry about the outcome, as that part is not in our hands.

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