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Friday, March 19, 2010

Is It a Memory Lapse, or As You Age, You Start to Think in Terms of Different Space-Time

Often lately I get the years wrong, not just the dates, the entire years. I had to check three internet sources to be certain when the Pope visited the U.S. It was the same month this horrible herpes sore broke out on my lip, and the scar is permanent. The moment he stepped on U.S. soil, the sore broke out and it went away the moment he got on a plane and left. It was April 2008, but I was so certain that did not happen until after I went to the snap conference Summer 2008. But no the pope was in the U.S. Spring 2008. I had to confirm it three times.

Another post recently I referred to San Francisco meetings in 1995, when they were actually in 1996.

It's so weird, my brain works so well in some ways, then totally flakes out in other ways, and for me, numbers are really bad. They have no meaning in my head. I like to type out numbers one two three, not 123... Totally Right Brained, I am.

I think the thing with years and time comes with aging, and for me, it's almost cool. I think I'm connecting with where I was before, maybe where I am going next after Earth, wherever it is, it is on a different space time continuum than we are here on Earth.

I think as you get older, your sense of time lessens, because it starts to have less and less meaning. Perfectly normally, something to be embraced, not feared. So far I love aging, and really look forward to wherever it is we go after Earth...

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Hey Kay - Stick around for a while!!!