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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thou shalt not sin, we are better at it: Motto of Catholic Church. (Re: Digital Journal today)

Dear Editor:

You wrote: Imagine what a world would feel like if we would not have a new revelation every week about one or another priest, and as one of the adult victims of pedophile priests, I do think about how different the world could have been, often.

I believe we would not have so many young children being kidnapped raped and brutalized today if the world had not seen pedophiles in the Catholic Church getting away with it for decades.

Other pedophiles became empowered after seeing the modus operandi of priests, indeed, some of these new predators who dominate crime news today may even have been among the tens of thousands of young parishioners who were raped by these priests, or non-Catholic children from the community who attended Catholic church events.

Now we see the acts of these demented predators on children and wonder how they could be such sociopaths.

With its silent response to the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church, law enforcement and news media have indirectly shown other pedophiles that these crimes can be committed and almost accepted, if they carry the crime out right.

So without even thinking about what the pedophile epidemic did to the Catholic Church, let's stop a moment and think what Six Thousand pedophiles in one institution, the Catholic Church in the United States did to the entire society.

(Source of number 6000 is where they also predict, when all the research is done, the number could end up being 10,000 pedophile priests that operated in the Catholic Church in the U.S.A. last 50 years or so.)

Kay Ebeling, Los Angeles

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Opinion: Thou shalt not sin, we're better at it - motto of Catholic Church

Digital Journal
R. C. Camphausen

After the catholic church has been damaged by sexual abuse scandals in the US, Germany, and Ireland, now there's a focus on the Netherlands as well. It seems time for a worldwide inquiry. Should the catholic church be classified as a terrorist agency?

Just imagine what a world would feel like, look like, be like ... if we would not have a new revelation every week that one or another priest, in one or another country, abused either a young girl or a young boy (apparently much preferred among the clergy... (continued)


Posted by Kay Ebeling, still on short or long hiatus, who knows...

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Pedophiles Became Empowered Seeing Catholic Priests Get Away With the Crime for Decades
The City of Angels Is Everywhere

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