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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

City of Angels on Hiatus, to Regroup, Reposition, and Get New Perspective, Before Starting Next Project

(UPDATE: My perpetrator, Father Thomas Barry Horne, was recently removed from the Bishop Accountability database of accused priests, a very invalidating experience. If other "survivors" have had their perp removed, I would like to hear from you.- kay ebeling email: )

Even though Ben Stein and other repubs think people outside the Gulf of Mexico region have no reason to be concerned, City of Angels is quite distracted by the BP Oil Disaster. In fact, to me, the crimes on a few hundred thousand kids at the hands of Catholic priests are nothing compared to what is happening to the entire Earth right now, starting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile the best coverage of the BP Oil Disaster I've found is here from local Gulf Coast people on Blogspot and if you are not convinced we are in trouble, watch this video

I know from years I lived in Houston and months I drilled with the Reserves at Naval Air Station New Orleans that the amount of oil BP "tapped" into, and let loose in a continuing gush, is an unfathomable amount of oil, a sea of oil below the bottom of the Gulf, and up to the 1980s that precious oil was considered a high security priority for the United States.

Now, through negligence and greed, the sea of oil we once defended with stalwart alertness, is streaming into the ocean for what will be an indefinite period of time, and with currents and storms, the oil combined with dispersants (detergent you are not supposed to use in confined spaces as it kills you) will travel out to the rest of the planet.

And defenders of the Gulf NASNOLA turned into a Coast Guard station in the late 1980s...

That oil spewing out is POISON and it is not going to stop any time soon. It is going to affect a lot more than fishing and tourism in the Gulf Coast states.

Forget shrimp, what about life everywhere.

What about the sun beating down on all that oil this summer?

What about hurricanes and rain clouds carrying the poison to other parts of the planet.

Me, I'm distracted now, planning my life in the future, housekeeping in a cave. Hopefully we will still have the internet when this all plays out, and those caves, or underground cities, will be real high tech, but I'm honestly scared right now.

To be honest, when it comes to the epidemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, City of Angels feels like nothing that happened to us as kids compares with the extent of the damage currently being done to the entire planet.

And anything I have to report here about our crimes is irrelevant compared to what is happening to our entire planet right now.

Barack Obama told Americans to pray in his recent televised speech about the BP Oil disaster, not because he's a fundy whacko. I think he was trying to tell us, in a pre-warning kind of way, that from inside the White House, he's seen how bad this is going to get. I also think the reason BP agreed to set aside $20 billion funds in advance, after meeting with Obama the day after his speech.

Oh if Only Obama had been there to meet with The Vatican and set up a fund for All Victims of Catholic Priest Sex Crimes back in 2002!

But he wasn't.

So a tout à l'heure, folks, may pick CofA back up again soon. For now, I'm spending my free time staring at the gush and thinking, our time on Earth really is too short, better enjoy trees, fresh air, and life as we know it, while it is still here.

(And reading trial transcripts, deposition testimony, and other documents I've accumulated, so stay tuned.)

-ke June 18, 2010, updated June 19, 2010

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