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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vatican Sweeps: Pillage for Justice for Priest Sex Crime Victims

5 Minutes of Justice for each of us:

Some of us even have our own grocery carts after years of being homeless.

Vatican Sweep! Based on a blog first posted at City of Angels March 27, 2010

There was a time when the only justice for pedophile priest crime victims was to file a lawsuit and go through civil court for years and maybe get a six figure settlement, maybe not. Well now, Victims of pedophile priests can Pillage for justice for pedophile priest crimes.
With Grocery Carts, adults who were raped as children by priests will be given Five minutes to run through St. Peter’s Basilica and Pillage for Justice. Fill your grocery cart with artwork and golden treasures, to reconcile, to make things right.

Some of us even have our own grocery carts, after years of being homeless. Now we're able to remove all those plastic bags of trash we've been treasuring as our only possessions and come on down to the Vatican
Carrying out of a penance laid down by a Great World Court in the sky, the Vatican is now having to open its doors to begin the process of making things right. For decades the Catholic Church turned thousands of pedophile priests loose on parishes and communities around the world. Now hundreds of thousands of crime victims will have an opportunity, one at a time, to push a grocery cart through the Vatican and take anything they can get their hands on in five minutes.
There are priceless works of art decorating literally every nook and cranny, every shelf, so Vatican Sweeps can go on for decades, as one victim at a time rushes through the Vatican grounds and gets what should rightfully be theirs.
Or at least try to level the scales of justice.
Paintings on the walls. If you bring the right tools, you can chisel down Frescoes to where each decorative element can make a vase or a lampshade in the home of every pedophile priest survivor in the world, or their surviving family members
So come on down to the Vatican for Vatican Sweeps.

You can grab statues from the 1600s. Figurines from San Francisco to New Orleans. And don't forget, all those years of peasants bringing any valuables they could find to give dotage to the Pope.

Now it’s up for grabs for the victims of pedophile priests.

They are the first to get the pickings, the individuals who lived with the horror of sexual assault by a catholic priest in the process of being a holy little child. The altar boys, the girls abused in the confessional and catechism classes.

After each victim goes through for five minutes, one at a time, there will still be plenty of wealth to redistribute to the rest of the planet to end world hunger.

SO HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO FINALLY EVEN things out, and see lady justice balance that load on her shoulders.
SO COME ON DOWN TO THE VATICAN, bring your grocery cart, if you are a victim of a pedophile priest, sign up now to do VATICAN sweeps, get your five minutes of justice now. This is Kay Ebeling reporting from the City of Angels which is everywhere.

Inspired by this original post Saturday, March 27, 2010

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