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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Outrage at Obama Siding with the Vatican, continued:

The U.S. Government argues in the Supreme Court for The Vatican, ignoring the outcry of adult victims of pedophile priests and their families who are pleading for a federal investigation. Instead the Solicitor General finds a phrase in a decision they can quote in an amicus brief, allowing the Feds to buck pass back to a circuit court and avoid the hard work of prosecuting tens of thousands of sex crimes against children, perpetrated out of the Roman Catholic Church.

The same crimes, same patterns, same MO in one Archdiocese after another, all across the country, indeed all over the world, pedophiles preyed on parishes.

And Pope Evil Eyes is grinning from behind a golden chalice.

"We did it guys, we got away with it."

It was a pedophile network, overseen by the Vatican, left to run out of control in Catholic churches around the world, and now the U.S. Government wants to let them get away with it.

The tens of thousands of survivors of these crimes around the USA are reeling right now, for a whole new reason. We now have post obstructed justice trauma syndrome.

If we can't turn to the President, after state and county governments have one after another dropped investigations, who is going to see we get justice for these crimes here on Earth?

Please don't tell me the bad guys will burn in hell, as you don't really know that, do you.

The priest sex crimes were networked, overseen, and organized and need to be dealt with here, in this time, on this planet.


The argument we hear in every state for ignoring the crimes is always the passage of time, the statutes of limitations, too many years since the priests perpetrated the crimes. It's been too many decades, it's against the pedophiles' civil rights to prosecute 40-50 years later, as we quoted a Catholic lobbyist in New York saying yesterday.

Psychologists are publishing breakthrough research today saying:

It takes decades for the victim as an adult to realize they were even assaulted.

Yet in this same decade of breakthrough understanding of dynamics of child abuse and its effects on the adult victim, prosecutors working for the United States, and in most states and counties, still shrug off these serial felonies inside the Catholic Church, even though the crimes brought catastrophe to tens of thousands of American families.

Aiding and abetting of the crimes involved crossing state and national borders.

Where is law enforcement? Where are the prosecutors?

Nothing in this country is working right.
PS: From AB in Pennsylvania: If this [SOL] is the case then there should be time limits on "HOMICIDE" as witnesses die and people forget, what a bunch of BS...
The City of Angels Is Everywhere

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