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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Democrat Running for AG of CA Keeps San Francisco Archdiocese Files Secret

From 'A Secrecy Fetish' in SF Weekly Now

SF District Attorney Kamala Harris possesses San Francisco Archdiocese files containing details of how the [Catholic] Church dealt with pedophile priests that go back as far as 80 years.

But Harris, the frontrunner in the June primary elections to become the Democratic candidate for California attorney general, has for five years rebuffed reporters' efforts to view those files, despite statements by former DA Terence Hallinan saying they should be released.

For the past six weeks, SF Weekly has asked Harris' office to comply with the request under the California Public Records Act. It has released nothing.

A prosecutor must be careful not to release records that might undermine an investigation, unfairly malign the innocent, or expose victims to publicity they don't want. But in this case Harris' office seems to be going beyond these important principles to a blanket policy of secrecy. (Continue reading here in June 2, 2010 SF Weekly.)


City of Angels: (William Levada was Archbishop of San Francisco until 2005 when he moved to a prominent role in coverup of clergy sex crimes at The Vatican. What is Kamala Harris helping them hide? )

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