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Saturday, June 5, 2010

SECRETS:AG Candidate Hides SF Catholic Archdiocese Files from News Media

On Page One of AlterNet Now:

SECRETS: Kamala Harris Hides Catholic Sex Abuse Files in SF While Running for Attorney General in CA

“SF Weekly’s attempts to obtain her office’s files on Catholic clergy abuse under the state Public Records Act suggest Harris favors concealment over transparency.”

While trying to get elected California’s top prosecutor, SF District Attorney Kamala Harris is ignoring news media requests to turn over San Francisco Archdiocese files that hold details of Catholic Church handling of pedophile priest crimes going back 80 years, according to reports in SF Weekly.

From ‘A Secrecy Fetish’ in SF Weekly June 2:

“Harris, has for five years rebuffed reporters’ efforts to view those files, despite statements by former DA Terence Hallinan saying they should be released.”
“The records at issue may contain answers to a question of great public concern that has consumed international headlines during recent weeks: What did senior...

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