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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

VIDEO: Vatican Pap: Pseudo Apology 6.11.2010, City of Angels on YouTube

I Am So Going To Do More Of These, slurry diction reminds me of Ann Richards, one time Governor of Texas (Democrat):

I know there’s fans running in the background and I'm no professional. I mean I got no lips. But I'm one of the Catholic pedophile priest victims and I've been watching Treme on HBO. If John Goodman’s character can do it so can I.

Pope Benedict stood up and begged forgiveness from = quote persons involved unquote = and after that he did not mention, nor does he ever mention, the nature of the crimes and that there are hundreds and thousands of adult victim and their families living damaged lives otherwise today.

Because the Catholic Church aided and abetted pedophiles and now they want to get away with it. Last Friday pope was preaching a sermon to mark the end of the ‘Year of the Priest’ in Rome Friday June 10, 2010.)

Last Friday The Pope said, “In this very year of joy for the sacrament of the priesthood, the sins of priests came to light — particularly the abuse of the little ones, in which the priesthood, whose task is to manifest God’s concern for our good, turns into its very opposite.”
That's what he said.
Which shows me that

Their Year Of Joy got turned into the opposite?
And now he’s mad because we spoiled his party.

Worst yet news media everywhere then said in headlines around the world, “Pope Apologizes” when in truth, he didn’t.
He did not apologize, the news media just all said he did.

The Pope asked the victims to forgive him so he and his staff can keep running their “religion” unhindered, this after they allowed tens of thousands of us as children, teens, and vulnerable adults all over the world to be brutally raped. His employees, mentally sick Catholic priests, raped us. For decades this went on.

Pope Benedict did not show mercy. The Pope just revealed last Friday he just wants his life back.

The Pope is as sincere as BP CEO Tony Hayward June 4th saying he wants his life back, instead of the inconvenience of having to answer news media questions about the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Gush ongoing catastrophe.
How is BP’s Tony Hayward’s arrogance any different from the Pope’s apology number 5 or so to victims of his predator priests Friday?
To the Vatican, it’s like we victims aren’t even here.
These apologies for clergy sex crimes from the Pope are predictable, always internal, and never go any farther than the boundaries of the Catholic Church itself. They're just talking to themselves

They say “We must pray more, We must look inside ourselves.”

No you must let law enforcement inside and look inside you.

But to say these crimes have anything to do with Christ, Christianity and Religion, and to do your apologizing from a balcony overlooking the Vatican, how does that help the hundreds and thousands of crime victims and their families?

I doubt half the victims of his priests even attend that church anymore. Some of us get nauseous just driving by a building that looks like a church.

It was All Satan’s fault!!
Finally, Friday’s “apology from Benedict XVI” actually tried to blame the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church on “Satan” which invalidates all of us Catholic priest crimes victims who pretty much think the whole Catholic religion is a crock, and how else can we feel when they let their pervert priests rape us as children?
The Pope said the sex crime spree he calls a “scandal” should make priests grow “in gratitude for God’s gift, a gift concealed in ‘earthen vessels’ which, ever anew, even amid human weakness, makes his love concretely present in this world.”
See how they embed these felony sex crimes into the religion and thus avoid prosecution?
I'm Kay Ebeling reporting from the City of Angels which is Everywhere

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