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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

REDACTED: Sex Offender Priest Names Blacked Out in Transcript of Cardinal Mahony Deposition

Why is Name of Predator from Queen of Angels Seminary in 1986 Remaining Secret?

(While reading Roger Mahony's words under oath in the deposition transcript released 2 weeks ago, Pages Scanned Here, I found that several priests who have been accused and even convicted of child molestation have their names redacted from the transcript, which to me is curious. For example, the transcript reads:) [UPDATE: 1:20 PM, just realized this story sounds like only one perp name is blacked out. Look at last one at bottom of blog, page 60. They appear to be naming names right and left, all redacted. More to come soon. -ke]

Q: Okay, 1985 or '86 he [redacted name] was arrested and charged with child molestation, does that sound right?
A: Somewhere in that time frame?
Q: Does it help refresh your recollection if I represent to you he was accused of putting his hands on and touching the genitals of high school seminarians while they were in bed at Our Lady Queen of Angels Seminary?
A: Yes.
Q: So he was accused of touching and did go to jail?
A: I don't recall. (Click page here to enlarge and read.)

[If this priest was arrested in 1986 on charges related to molesting teenage boys at Our Lady Queen of Angels Seminary, why can't I find his name by cross referencing in Bishop Accountability? Who was this priest? If someone knows, please email me at ]


Why are their names all redacted, when the testimony reveals they are accused and possibly convicted sexual predators as well as Catholic priests?

I Scanned in p. 54 here as well, because I think readers will find Roger Mahony saying things here that he has contradicted other places.

City of Angels is preparing a post where we take apart the entire deposition of Roger Mahony, taken January 25th, in the case of Luis C versus John Doe I et al, a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that settled weeks after this deposition.

Meanwhile, why are all these names redacted?

NOTE: They left in Wempe and Baker...
Stay tuned...
-Posted by Kay Ebeling

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