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Monday, December 6, 2010

PippiLeaks: 1952 Fitzgerald letter says priests who 'tamper with virtue of young' should be secluded in monastery for life

"I myself would favor laicization for any priest, upon objective evidence, for tampering with the virtue of the young. Best that should be offered is seclusion of a monastery." -Founder of Servants of the Paraclete, Gerald Fitzgerald, in 1952 letter regarding Father Edmund Boyle, (scanned here click to enlarge and read).

The Fitzgerald 1952 letter to the Bishop of Reno, at left is one of about 200 documents we will continue to post in what is now called PippiLeaks at City of Angels Blog, acronym for “Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Information Leaks." We post documents as soon as we can, for free, for anyone to use in any way they want, to disseminate as much truth about sex crime cover-ups in the Roman Catholic Church as possible.

The Paraclete doc from September 12, 1952, letter scanned here from Gerald Fitzgerald to the Rev. Robert J. Dwyer, Ph.D., Bishop of Reno, reads:

“It is rather a coincidence that Your Excellency’s letter should have arrived on the very day that Edmund Boyle left Via Coeli….. We find it quite common, almost universal with the handful of men we have seen in the last five years who have been under similar charges, that they seem to be lacking in appreciation of the serious situation.

“As a class they expect to bound back like tennis balls on the court of priestly activity. I myself would be inclined to favor laicization for any priest, upon objective evidence, for tampering with the virtue of the young, my argument being, from this point onward the charity to the Mystical Body should take precedence over charity to the individual and when a man has so far fallen away from the purpose of the priesthood, the very best that should be offered him is his Mass in the seclusion of a monastery.
“MOREOVER… leaving them on duty or wandering from diocese to diocese is contributing to scandal or at least to the approximate danger of scandal.
“If Edmund Boyle returns here or if we learn of his whereabouts, we will notify Your Excellency at once.
Cordially in Spiritu Christi,
[SIGNED] Father, Gerald Fitzgerald


Father Edmund Boyle is likely the same priest identified at Bishop Accountability as being from Washington State:

"Convicted 1987. Lewdness with child in Reno, NV. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse in 1960s in Portland. In 2005 three siblings (2 girls and 1 boy) settled claims against Seattle Archdiocese for $1.1 million. Other claims still pending. Boyle is accused of molesting at least 9 boys and girls in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Died 1995. One claim settled in Seattle 10/07 for $270,000. Four others settled in 2009."

Also in a January 2006 deposition, Cardinal William Levada answered questions from attorney Erin Olson of Portland, OR, about Edmund Boyle, as reported at City of Angels Blog here :

MS. OLSON: The first thing I'm going to do is go through and ask you about priests, whether you ever heard, during your tenure as Archbishop of Portland, anything concerning:
Q: Father Edmund Boyle?
LEVADA: I don't recall hearing that priest’s name.


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