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Thursday, December 9, 2010

PippiLeaks: Depo-Provera for Sex Offenders at Servants of Paraclete

“Servants of the Paraclete Treatment for Sex Offenders, Use of Depo-Provera” is next document in the PippiLeaks project at City of Angels Blog, where like WikiLeaks, we post inside information that reveals the truth about institutional crime coverups. “PippiLeaks” at CofA Blog posts documents about the pedophile epidemic in the Roman Catholic Church and stands for Papal Insider Pedophile Priest Information Leaks.

"Masturbatory satiation" was part of treatment for pedophile priests at the New Mexico center for priests with "psycho sexual problems." The document below refers to "obvious concern for community safety" in releasing pedophiles back into parishes. Therapists assert on the undated pages that religious "consequences and guilt reduce arousal more than legal consequences." Men in treatment at Via Coeli were "to become conditioned to an older age group."

Document "describes the type of treatment offered here [SOTP] for people who are referred for illegal sex offenses." The three single-spaced pages of the treatment plan are scanned below for you to click enlarge and read, here are direct quotes:

From P. 2:

“Over the past ten years we have treated fifteen men with the medication Depo-Provera. Of these fifteen, fourteen have returned to the active ministry without recidivism…. The therapeutic program which coincides with the use of this medication is explained in the brochure… Personnel on our staff are also instrumental in placement of these men when they complete this program.

“Obviously, community safety is primary in these cases…we encourage open and frank discussion.

“This type of behavior is a highly habituated preference and is pleasurable to the offender. It is addictive behavior. The arousal system needs to be treated.

“When a man is discharged from this program, a member of our professional staff will conduct a follow-up workshop in his place of assignment. This follow-up involves meeting with people in the community or place of residence where this man will live and work.

More on Depo-Provera:
“When [the priests] leave this program and continue on the medication, Depo-Provera, it is ordinarily to be administered by injection and prescribed by a physician…

“Therapists who have been working in this area believe that religious consequences and guilt reduce arousal more than legal consequences and guilt. In fact, in some cases we found men who wanted to go to jail! Foundation House is a religious institution and, as such, we concentrate a great deal on spiritual values and religious reformation.”

Masturbatory satiation treatment

“Covert reconditioning and desensitization: this is done through masturbatory reconditioning or satiation therapy.”

[CofA: What pervert wouldn't want to sign up for that?]

“The man is taught to become bored with his own fantasies and to become conditioned to an older age group.”


“We do not choose to use this method of masturbatory reconditioning in this program. This is, perhaps, where Depo-Provera can act as a substitute.”

[CofA: They really did not know what they were doing, but they pretended to.]

“People who have been sex offenders usually lack these basic adult skills: Social skills, assertiveness, and empathy. Therapeutic intervention would obviously concentrate on teaching these skills.

Click Enlarge and Read the entire Depo-Provera plan at Servants of the Paraclete in the documents scanned in below:

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