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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Serial Felon Mahony Conducts Masses, Leads Parades, what does that say about current Catholicism?

I'm not criticizing, just pointing out the obvious. Roger Mahony used corporate lawyers to buy his way out of having to admit he helped cover up the crimes of about 250 priests who were pedophiles. At least that many priests raped children, not little pats on the buttocks, fully raped, in regions where Mahony had direct authority over those priests as bishop. Mahony worked his way up to Cardinal from Stockton, to Fresno, to Los Angeles, where he oversaw a $660 million settlement to 510 victims whose stories have barely been heard. Mahony is now retiring with honors. He's leading parades and conducting special masses, what is wrong with people, are they so mezmerized, do they still think they have to revere men like Mahony or they will be denied entry to Heaven?


RE SUNDAY Dec. 5, 2010: "STOCKTON - Thousands of Latino Catholics gathered Sunday in downtown Stockton to honor their most beloved mother, the Virgin Mary. Presided over this year by Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles and former bishop of the Diocese of Stockton, the event was a festive occasion for an estimated 10,000 people... (Continue reading)

In Pasadena, Novenas and a procession:

In Los Angeles feeding the poor with Mayor Villaraigosa:

I mean, the news media rerun these stories, copy and pasting their way to obliviating the journalism profession, never pointing out the blatant hypocrisy.

Head for the hills, these are strange times, you can only believe bloggers, no corporate news outlet can be trusted...

Posted this comment at above linked Stockton Record Story story:

From city of angels lady

Read the truth about Roger Mahony at City of Angels Blog he helped cover up crimes of at least 250 pedophile priests and Stockton lets him lead a parade, such a sign of our broken times. Imagine how the thousands of victims of his serial felonies feel watching these celebrations.
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city of angels lady said...

As several readers pointed out, Mahony is not technically a felon, as he has never been convicted. But CofA is a blog, written by a blogger, and the headline reflects the beliefs and feelings of the writer. This is not the New York Times, this is me blogging.