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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off Topic In Honor of 4/20 this AM:

At AlterNet this morning:

4/20 Time to Reminisce on First Buyers Clubs in San Francisco, Before MedMJ Was Legal

POSTED: 6:33 am, April 20, 2010

There are lots of things I love about San Francisco. Growing up in L.A. in the 1960s, it always seemed people in The City figured things out first. The Peace and Freedom Party erupted in the Bay Area, the summer of love overflowed down onto us in Hollywood. The smart people always seemed to be up north.

So in 1994 when I got sick, a friend of mine came by with a joint. I was clean and sober then, hadn’t smoked weed in years, but he knew I’d been crippled on my couch for months. So I said, okay, why not, and shared the joint with him. Fifteen minutes later there in my Humboldt County home, I was up stretching, doing a kind of made-up Yoga, because the central nervous system pain that had cemented me unable to move for days, after a few tokes of the marijuana, was gone, well not gone, but the pain changed to a need to move and stretch, and I discovered new ways to deal with the pain, moves I still use to this day.

After my friend’s visit, I was out in an Arcata coffee shop, and picked up a days old SF Chronicle lying on a table. On the front page was a feature story with pictures about The Buyer’s Club in San Francisco Castro District, where thanks to some kind of arrangement with The City, patients with all kinds of diseases were able to “legally” buy marijuana and as a result

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city of angels lady said...

Oh, Cyberstalker, you are so predictable.

city of angels lady said...

Okay, here is what Anonymous posted: "(I don't do anything that has to be kept secret.)
You don't do anything that is in the real world either"

Total knee jerk, 1 second of thought idea, like every other of his/her comments, most get rejected for lack of logic.

city of angels lady said...

Notice my Cyberstalker does not comment on my posts at AlterNet where he/she could be more easily traced.