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Thursday, April 15, 2010

You First Saw Pics and Read about Mario Pezzotti in Brazil Here (In English, at least), then AP saw it, called, and here is the result

Yesterday it made global news.

Predator priests shuffled around globe‎Fort Worth Star Telegram - Bradley Brooks - Alessandra Rizzo
The Xaverians settled the case for $175000 in 1993. In the meantime, from 1970 to 2003, Pezzotti was in Brazil, where he worked with the Kayapo Indians. ...

AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around globe‎ -
Washington Post

AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around globe‎ - The Associated Press


Fr. Mario Pezzotti is one of 81 priests listed in the Sipe-Murray Report: “International Traffic in Catholic Priests Who Abuse." Fr. Mario Pezzotti is in Bishop Accountability as having four accusations, one that led to a financial settlement.

Yet here are pictures of Fr. Mario Pezzotti surrounded by children, naked children, because they are Kayapo Indians, who decorate their bodies with natural paints instead of clothing, where they live in the Amazon jungle. According to a City of Angels source, Fr. Mario Pezzotti is today a "Provincial for a Xaverian province in Brazil.


Naked children surround pedophile priest working as missionary in Brazil. Photos here at City of Angels (Feb, 1, 2010)

Remember you read about the photos and Pezzotti's resurfacing in Brazil, here at City of Angels, first in English, February 1, 2010,

AND at AlterNet.

Except I just went to look where I posted this at AlterNet and at that time I still had not figured out how to put up pictures there. So all I did is refer people back here to the CofA post that day.

Anyway, you read about Pezzotti still being around children in Brazil here and at AlterNet first in English, and saw the pictures here first (with English captions) and

I will take some bows now for


When the AP guy emailed me, I sent him directly to my source. That is how this story about Pezzotti got going. I do not hoard my sources. If you are a journalist and want help getting to the details of these crimes, I will take you on a tour of L.A. Superior Court archives, FULL OF crime stories about pedophile Catholic priests. Just email Kay Ebeling at

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