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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Put Pedophiles on Island by Themselves, CA Politician Has Same Idea as Servants of the Paracletes, 50 Years Later

He wants to put convicted child molesters on an island off the Coast of Santa Barbara, and the idea has created a buzz in the crowded election for Governor of California.

The Orange County Republican is not the first one to get the idea. Leader of Catholic religious order Servants of the Paracletes concluded, after a decade or so of dealing with priests who went after children, that putting pedophiles off on an island was the best way to deal with them.

“9. Father Gerald thought that such priests -- meaning priests attracted to male children, teenagers -- should be completely segregated from society, and consequently wanted a remote ‘island refuge’ far from civilization and a monastery would be established and such men could live and try to save their souls."
Click here to read the entire post with scanned documents at City of Angels 4, where we were posting in 2008.

The Pope Knew Back in 1963 about the Pedophile Problem in the Catholic Church

ALSO Scanned at link above are documents from meetings between the Pope Paul VI and the Paracletes founder in 1963 (pictured together at right). Gerald Fitzgerald, founder of the Paracletes traveled to Rome to talk about solutions to the pedophile problem. These documents show that the Catholic Church was aware of the pedophile epidemic as far back as the 1950s, as they were treating patients at the Servants of the Paracletes center in Albuquerque, NM, (since 1988, in St. Louis, MO).

Put them on an island with no connection with other humans at all, was the conclusion of the Catholic priest most intimately connected to the problem.

Now a Neo-Republican Californian from Orange County is saying the same thing in his campaign for Governor:

Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Create 'Pedophile Island' To ...‎LA Weekly (blog) - Dennis Romero - 4 days ago

Chief among the Republican candidates for Governor of California is Douglas Hughes, whose campaign promise is to turn Santa Rosa Island off Santa Barbara into "Pedophile Island" where convicted molesters would be housed....
Hughes, who describes himself as a retired businessman from Fountain Valley, has other unorthodox views: He would implement a green card points reward system for immigrants, build "triple fencing" at the Mexican border, and have the state sell drugs to addicts at half price.'

(Oh well, at least he's coming up with ideas.)
Read the whole story of Servants of the Paracletes and their documents as reported at City of Angels in 2008 here:

PROOF: Bishops knew about pedophile priests as far back as 1950s and worked to keep the problem secret. Documents here, click to enlarge

(Check out the Hughes For Governor website )

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city of angels lady said...

From T: They should send all the ped/rapist priests to rome to live with the pope or in a rectory or catholic building.. the islands shouldnt be a dumping ground for catholic garbage