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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Priest Warns Offenders of Hell, But Doesn't Reveal the Location

GUEST VIEWPOINT, by Joey Piscitelli

I have to commend the Vatican prosecutor Charles Scicluna for his statements yesterday warning his fellow clerics that they would suffer eternal damnation in Hell for sexually abusing children. Even if the speech was a hollow political maneuver to display concern, I liked his public accusations of truth about where the Clergy molesters belong.

However, being a Pagan, I do not believe in Hell, or Satan, and I am convinced that if there truly is a satan, he exists in the minds of the sexual abusers, and those who protected them, and transferred them. As far as hell is concerned, I witnessed it myself when I was abused, as did tens of thousands of other child abuse victims, and the origination of the location of a probable hell itself, if it did exist, I believe is at the Vatican.

I say this because the hierarchy of the church, winding all the way to the top of the clerical chain of authority to the Pope himself, was complicit in the organized violation of children all over the globe, and the devil, if he really existed, would have been proud of the centuries of hell on earth that these men have distributed in his honor.

The Reverend Charles Scicluna fell short of revealing the location of hell, or satan, and this latest tactic of the Vatican, and the Pope, and Cardinal Levada, of blaming "other" clerics for the child sex abuse scandal is diabolical in itself. As the spokespersons for the Vatican, including the Pope himself, travel to locations on many continents, casting stones at others, I am amused that many people buy the charade. The lawyers and brainstormers who concocted this charade for the Vatican have most probably calculated the percentage of observers who fall for the scam, but I believe many people may not. Especially those who have been abused by the Vaticans employees, and have experienced the widespread cover-ups of the rapes, and violations by the Mammoth Molestation Machine that is truly headquartered in the Vatican itself.

The charade about " hell " at yesterdays conference at the Vatican was wrapped up by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who told churchmen that it was "possible' that sex abuse by clergy "might" have been covered up in Italy too.

You think?

If this charade wasn't so grossly sick and disturbing, it would be funny. But because I don't believe there is a hell, or satan, or any of that nonsense, I have mixed feelings, and I feel frustrated, because if there was a real hell, I absolutely know who belongs there.

Joey Piscitelli

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