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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Investigative Reporter' in St. Louis Discovers Pedophile Priest Recovery Center That Has Been There for 22 Years

Hmm. Both SNAP and Vianney Center started 22 years ago in St. Louis, what a coincidence. Wonder if David Clohessy's brother Kevin is there in the Paracletes Center as well, avoiding public charges for being a pedophile priest, just like all the other priests Clohessy criticizes, to the media at least. Also, In video linked below DC delivers a beautiful sound byte making the Church look like good guys.

In fact, Clohessy repeats the Church's legal defense lines for the cameras in the KSDK St. Louis video linked below.

Another Clohessy reverse PR quote is here as well:

Servants of the Paracletes continue to operate a center for recovering pedophile priests just outside of St. Louis with almost no oversight. Worst thing the Exec Director of SNAP can say here about the bishop of St. Louis is, "That's his choice, and it's ... reckless."

When will people wake up and see that numerous connections between SNAP and the Church, especially the ones they keep hushed, show the "survivors' network" has not had "survivors" at the top of its priority from the start?

VIDEO: Missouri retreat for pedophile priests (Part 2) – Video Link

Thanks to Michael Baumann for posting this as I missed it earlier.


Post Script: "Reckless" and "Callous" must be Clohessy's thesaurus searched, approved by someone above him, Words for the Month.
PSS: 17 minutes after posting this, Bob Schwiderski was in my email, first email from him in 3 months, with this:

From: Bob Schwiderski
Sent: Sun, May 16, 2010 5:49:54 AM
Subject: Wow ! 6 people = $85 = nobody reading

That's it. No message, just another hostile note in my face in the subject line from Bob.

Shwiderski, Director of SNAP Minnesota, who had to stop emailing me when I threatened to call the Twin Cities cops and file charges on him for cyberstalking. (He sent out streams of slanderous videos about me in February, plus about... 17 threatening emails to me.)

Watch out. If you point out things you don't like about SNAP in public, they might sic Bob Schwiderski on you. (Before I threatened to file a police report on him, I asked BS to lay off me for days, and told him in February, "anymore emails from you will be copy and pasted at city of angels." So he knew in advance I would do it.)
UPDATE: Everything I write about SNAP is based on years of watching the survivor movement at a national level, and seeing what how survivors ACTUALLY IN TRUTH have been treated, not just what our "leaders" say in press events.

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