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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Responses: How Do You Feel About Obama Siding with The Vatican re Sex Abusing Clergy

(Here are the first responses to our quest for comments yesterday. First, this all started when last weekend I got this in my email and thought it must be a mistake:)

Obama Administration Kisses Vatican’s Ass

Apparantly the Obama Administration decided to kiss the Popes Ass instead of his ring, as three Federal U.S. lawyers told the U.S. Supreme Court, cowardly and predictably, that the Oregon case against the Vatican should not go forward last week.

The spineless lawmakers in the Obama administration were unable to overlook the fact that there are approximately 60 million potential Catholic votes in this country, enough to buy any US Presidents dignity and conscience.

So what if tens of thousands of children were abused, violated, sodomized, raped, and devastated for decades by the largest criminal syndicate of child molestation known to mankind. There’s voters out there

The fed court could decide that there weren’t enough kids raped by the deviates in the Catholic Clergy, and that the Bishops did such a wonderful job of covering it up, that the Pope can continue his charade, as long as the votes come in at election time.

Pope Benedict, the Prada wearing Kingpin of sex abusers was ecstatic at the news last week, and I am sure his expectations in the decision were granted according to Canon Law. Confusingly enough, the the Court would have to quote several passages from the Code of Catholic Canon Law, instead of the US Constitution, when delivering their “decision.”


Oh well. I guess the molestations and cover-ups can now continue, as planned.

Joey Piscitelli
Clergy Abuse Victim


(Swamped at work yesterday, I sent out an email to everyone on my lists asking for more comments, only I got it wrong at first. It was not Supreme Court decision yet, last week, it was our President, using his civil servant lawyers, to argue against the adult victims of pedophile priests in the Court in favor of The Vatican.)

Greg Bullough responded to the email:

As an Obama supporter, I feel betrayed.

My response will be to ask my senators to quash the President's latest Supreme Court nominee. She is, after all, the Solicitor General responsible for advancing this unthinkable position.

The Administration has chosen political expediency and international relations (with what, a pseudo sovereign state?) over the interests of crime victims. So much for the advocate of the down-trodden!

This is not the Administration I voted for; as I told them, November 2010 is coming up, and the next Presidential election isn't that far off, either.

I won't forget.



(TIM HALE attorney in Santa Barbara helped me understand what was going on:)

With regards to to the Obama administration brief, any argument that makes it more difficult to hold entities accountable when they protect pedophiles reflects a failure to prioritize the welfare of today's children.

Allowing the Oregon plaintiff to attempt to prove his claim against the Vatican does not change the fact he will carry the burden of proof to show the Vatican's authority over church leaders who protected pedophile priests. If he fails to carry that burden the lawsuit should be dismissed. However, if he has the evidence necessary to meet that burden, depriving him of the right to prove his case is is a travesty for today's children, and a lost opportunity to send a clear message that such conduct will not be tolerated.

From Tennessee:

Under the definitions, wouldn't the Vatican be considered a "Terriorist State?" They have total disregard for women and children's rights. It is definitely not a Democracy, and is antithesis to freedom of religion.

Mike Coode


From Arthur Baselice
in Pennsylvania:

When the bishops wanted to move perps the bishops engaged in a scam entitted "bishops helping bishops." Now that the U.S. has sided with The Vatican, it is now "criminals helping criminals."

Arthur Baselice


From TIM WALSH in New York:

Regarding the Vatican...

When I was in Rome last December, I went to the Coliseum and noticed huge pit marks all over the walls of the structure. I finally found a local and asked, "what are all those pit marks from"? are they from WWII ? Did the allies bomb Rome and shoot at the Coliseum ?

The guy laughed and said, "No, the allies didn't touch Rome !" He then went on to explain that the RCC is known as the greatest recyclers in Rome, in that they are the ones that stripped "ALL" the marble off the Coliseum and and built the Vatican with it.

I thought to myself...The F%@&en Bastards ! !




This could have been a great opportunity for Obama to show that he is serious about his claim as a candidate and then as president to CHANGE the way business is done in Washington.. to stop the special interest groups and to stop lobbyists..

Instead we see he is just another old boys club member.. kissing the popes ass..
just like bush did..

disgusted with church and state..

PS: Was actually trusting Obama and his team to be who they said they were or going to be.
Instead they are just like the Jesuits (full of crap


From Damian Chapa in L.A.

Obama and Bush and all of the presidents since Kennedy have been owned by the Federal Reserve. Kennedy had an Executive order 11110 that would have put the Federal reserve, in federal control but owned by mostly Illuminati members, out of business. And the federal reserve is a greater enemy to the United States of America people than any army.


Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 115,000

So what is worse than a Pedophile? Maybe a murdering bastard like your President and ourselves.


JOHN B: in Australia wrote:

How does it make me feel?

Abandoned, deceived, re abused, exploited and as an object of trade by the country after having our well-being and our rights abandoned, re abused, deceived and traded by the church.

Seriously when a country is knowingly prepared to permit this sort of excuse to be upheld against the human rights of individuals and the people and more so when the issue is the sexual safety of children and the President persists in refusing to use his position in regards the justice and the protection of children from sexually abusive clergy, we would call that a morally, ethically and socially failed state and deem it to be a moral hazard to children.

If it were other than the Vatican, the United States would discontinue trade and enforce sanctions against such a dysfunctional state, it may even consider war tactics. Yet the Vatican undertakes these abuses of human rights and the USA sees no hypocrisy. Obama needs to publicly clear the air on this issue else he risks adding division in his own country.

JohnB, Australia


Another One
From My Penn Pal:

I believe Manuel Noriega was the president of Panama or some other small Central American country who at one time was a CIA operative until the US went to his 'SOVEREIGN' country and extricated him for trial in the US for drug charges. He is currently in prison, as he had outlived his usefulness for the US Govt. The same treatment should be afforded the 'pope' for his crimes.

The title of 'sovereign nation' bestowed on the Vatican is to me just a gesture of kindness and respect.

Given what we know now about this so called nation that rules no one, as Lena stated the bishops don't work for the 'pope' the sovereign nation exemption should be removed and the victims should be able to proceed against the catholic church.

It is very disheartening to know that the US government, a government that I pay taxes to and a country that I love, protects a worldwide criminal organization.

If the Vatican enjoys sovereign immunity then every other religious organization should have the same privilege.

Money buys power, what a disgrace that 'Obama and Kagan' have chosen to support and aid the criminals and not the victims!

Arthur Baselice

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Here’s a lovely cartoon from a Fall 2006 issue of Palestinian weekly Al Risala, a Hamas publication:

On Google Images via Palestinian Media Watch. The Arabic script reads, “The Pope and those who live under his cloak.”

Again, don't blame me, just letting people see what other people say and feel.

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