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Monday, May 31, 2010

OT: Observing the End of Life as We Know It on Earth

Best coverage of the "oil gush" is at Such as these photos from the scene called "Oil Paintings" more pics below:
ALSO read GulfOilBlog from Univ. of GA, scientists report daily findings on the "slick." Pics from NOLA Dot Com.

Scenes from our Future Planet:

(Best journalism on the beginning of the end of life as we know it on Earth is at the source, at NOLA Dot Com as well, like the article quoted here, by Kari Dequine, Contributing writer:)

When you cross the bridge to Grand Isle, they say, you leave behind everything stressful and unpleasant. It is Louisiana's island paradise. Usually, Memorial Day weekend ushers in the summer season, fishing rodeos and festivals. Spirits are high and the whole island is buzzing with life. "See that spot right there?" said rodeo board president Bob Levin, pointing to the bridge from the deck of the Bridgeside Marina. "When you come, that's where you leave your stress."

But now, the weight of the world has been dumped on the tiny stretch of island. The beaches are eerily deserted, the waters void of boats and businesses near empty.

Now we go through the motions of our daily life much as someone that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Today we look fine, but as time goes on and the cancer takes its toll we'll not be able hide the deterioration of our once beautiful land and city.

There's no amount of money that can replace what is being taken from us. No punishment enacted against those that allowed this to happen would be appropriate, nothing we could do to them could be enough to bring back the dead, return the ecosystem, or restore our way of life.

By this time next year we won't recognize this city. With the destruction of the wetlands we won't have a city to recognize. (Article Continued here: Instead of roaring into its summer season, Grand Isle is eerily quiet )


Below: Humans have this ability to find beauty in ugliness

Still, doesn't the Gulf of Mexico look like artist renderings of how Venus may have looked before it became the ball of boiling gases it is today? Happy Holiday, May 31, 2010...

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