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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

VIDEO: Levada Put Priests Who Were Known Pedophiles In Positions of Power in San Francisco Before Going to Vatican

Go Joey Piscitelli in San Francisco:

Memorable Quotes from Video Above:

Joey's perp worked for Cardinal William Levada when he was Archbishop of San Francisco.

When Joey was protesting outside the archdiocese office,"Levada brushed past me and called me a fucking idiot."

"Let's take a look at Levada's credibility." He adds, "I won my lawsuit, that's one strike out for Cardinal Levada and his boys."

Joey holds up list of pedpohiles found so far in the San Francisco Archdiocese and then gives us Levada's connection to almost each one of them.

RE: Fr. Gregory Ingels, "Cardinal Levada knew this man was a sex offender when he chose him for his canon lawyer. That's a big strike out for Cardinal Levada."

The Church appealed Joey's case to Superior Court and Joey won. "Two home runs for me and more dis-credibility for Cardinal Levada and his boys."

Back to the chart of pedophile priests in SF: "Patrick O'Shea molested so many kids I can't even go into them.

"Let's go on to Fr. Bernard Dabbene. Allegations ever since the sixties and levada knew, and he still made him his top liaison priest on the West Coast. While in that job, he was busted by the San Francisco police, they literally caught him in the act, while he was working for Cardinal Levada.

(Note: Joey mispronounces Levada's name throughout video on purpose. Love it.)

Look here for stories about Dabbene and his bizarre arrest:
SF Weekly 1.5.06; City of Angels 3.19.08; San Jose Mercury News 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08

Another strike out for Levada.

He calls Patrick O'Shea, the poster boy for serial molesters in San Francisco.

Levada left Joey's perpetrator "in ministry with kids clear up to the day of the verdict in my case."

"That means that Levada gambled with the safety of children and left this guy in ministry."

"I sent several letters to Levada and Cardinal Ratzinger, asking them to remove Whelan from ministry because Whelan was a dangerous predator who had violently molested me, and they did absolutely nothing about it." In video Joey holds up copies of letters he sent to the Vatican to Ratzinger before he became Pope.

"Levada and Ratzinger did absolutely nothing about it."

Joey then details his legal battle with the Catholic Church through appeals and review board hearings.

Cardinal Ardinal Levada stepped from this performance as Archbishop of San Francisco to his position today in Ratzinger's old job at the Vatican, one step away from the Pope.

"Archdiocese of San Francisco lied to me," and Joey proves it in this video.


The Diocese of SF was not telling the truth, it's proved in the SF Weekly story.

"Think about what Levada is saying today. He has placed numerous known pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists in ministry, knowingly, and has the audacity to say that the media is being unfair to him. He's also saiad and made statements to the effect of 20 or 25 years ago the Church hierarchy did not know taht the rape of children was something they should have reported to police.

"Who in their right mind would believe that?" Joey asks. "Ask anyone on the street. Anybody in their right mind would tell you it should be reported to the police."

Joey, a practicing Wiccan, ends saying the reason he is "a thorn in Cardinal Levada's side" is:

"I am the only Pagan Witch who has ever sued the Catholic Church in history and won."

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