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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off Topic but Interesting; BP started in 1908 in Iran (then Persia)

The BP story, from first oil to tomorrow’s energies, from BP Website :

Our history is full of discoveries, starting in 1908 with oil found in a rugged part of Persia after a long and difficult search. Since then, discoveries large and small (and sometimes just in the nick of time) have fuelled our progress.

(Persia was the name of today's Iran, for those of you who slept through History class.)

I think we are being attacked in the Gulf and over the electronic financial system. And no one is in charge, no one knows how to handle it.

Stock up on canned goods.

The Gulf of Mexico vulnerability has been on my mind a lot lately: At CofA 2 Monday, May 24, 2010

We are Under Attack by a Foreign Oil Company, Ecological War, After Last Year a Financial Attack.
They won’t let us know what they're doing or...

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