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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perpetrator Priests Identified So Far (With Credible Allegations) in Wichita, Kansas

Even though one of the priests on this list has asked to have his name removed (through an attorney in a letter written May 28th that we received June 11th, wonder how many hands it passed through before posting), we are keeping the priest's name posted here, because he was credibly accused, there are numerous news stories about him, and he is still listed in the bishopaccountability "Database of Accused Priests."

The Church's motion for summary judgment in that priest's case was granted in 2009, but as most of us adult victims know, a pedophile priest getting his case dismissed does not always mean the crime victim made false charges.

But the charges could have been false.

This list is clearly titled "credibly accused" predator priests. The attorney who wrote CofA May 2010, at my street address which is not public, takes issue with my use of the words 'Sex Predator' because that phrase has a specific meaning in law.

This is a blog, not a legal document, and as a journalist, I know there are many meanings of a word. In summary, another priest is running to an attorney to clear his name. He could have just emailed me.

If he's innocent let him write to me at cityofangelslady@yahoolcom and tell his side of the story.

From Janet Patterson in Kansas, these priests have credible allegations of sex crimes against both children and adults in Wichita:

Robert B. Murray
Robert F.Pepe ord. 1950
Msgr.Charles Walsh ord. 1951
Joseph T. Nolan ord. 1953
Peter J. Duke ord. 1970
Joachim Lux, O.F.M.
Michael (Miguel) Baca, O.F.M.
John L. Kumli, ord. 1954
Paul R. Alderman
Charles O'Connor
Dennis K. Ryan
Robert Blanpied
John Walsh
Vincent Eck
John Mullen
Robert K. Larson
Joseph A. Stremel
John Haberthier
Francisco Lopez
Thomas A. Reilly
Carl L. Johnson
William Steil, C.P.
Theodore van Tilbeurgh
Stephen Muth
Alonzo Smithhisler
Nicholas Voelker
Jeffrey Fasching
Doug Campbell
Thomas Scaletty
Donald Fiedler
Daniel Mulvihill
Robert T. Schleiter
William Wheeler
Melvin F. Thompson

contact Janet at

This list also posted at AlteNet:

LIST: 34 Pedophile Priests Identified So Far in Wichita, Kansas

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