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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 2

Okay the post I just put up put too much emphasis on David and his brother. That's because it was a conversation with someone who talks to Clohessy regularly and they did not know about Kevin that sparked today's post.

That combined with me stewing over all the occasions that SNAP has lied to me, when I approached them as a survivor / journalist.

The lies:

1. Jan 2007 outside a Baker hearing, Mary Grant told me there was nothing going on at all in the clergy cases, when actually one block away there were hundreds of hearings, two or three a week, going on in Superior Court. I had to find that out on my own.

2. Jan. 2007 again Mary Grant is trying to discourage me from covering the Clergy Cases. She emails me that my plans to go to the Jan 16 hearing will cause damage to the survivor who doesn't want his case publicized. I would never have gone to that hearing and then wrote the first post in what became City of Angels if I had done what Mary Grant was telling me to do.

That was angelic intervention. It turned out that one plaintiff was the one and only person I had met in the clergy cases, and he told me, hell yes, he wanted me to cover the hearing and he had never spoken to anyone from SNAP about it.

Why were they steering me away from covering the hearings?

Who was telling Mary Grant to do that?

How many other reporters were steered the wrong direction by Mary Grant in 2007 and what is the reason?

Last fall was another slap from SNAP. They took a story that broke at City of Angels, about Gus Krumm, and went to Orange County to hold a press conference, using the information I released, but linking Gustavo Arellano on their press release. Did not even mention in their release that City of Angels, written by a survivor broke the story, did not even mention City of Angels.

Didn't matter because they sent out two press releases each with different dates and times for the event.

Still wouldn't a survivor a network mention that the story was broken by a survivor journalist? When they say on their website and their fundraising material that their mission is to empower and give voice to survivors.

THEN last week a notice went out that FINALLY there was going to be a SNAP event in L.A., and then it turns out Mary Grant is organizing it. I can't be in that room without wanting to confront her with all those questions.

Why did you lie to me on this this and this occasion.

How many other journalists did you steer away from the Clergy Cases story and who told you to do that?

Not something I want to do at a social get-together...

So Mary Grant is back to run events in L.A.? And continue to lie to people like me?

The David Clohessy tap dance I was privvy to in 2008 when I asked him to send me financial papers that are supposed to be public information didn't help. He carried on a tap dance for several weeks, trying to make me believe that as the person who runs SNAP he has no idea where the money comes from or where it goes.

But he'll get back to me.

And he'll get back to me.

And that went on for weeks until I quit asking.

On my own I later found out that in the annual report posted online, in very small print, it says to email for a copy of financial documents. I found that out on my own by accident months later.

Why didn't Clohessy just tell me that in 2008?

Because David Clohessy is a tap dancer.

Look closely. Every national press release out of SNAP is a response to a story that has already broken in the news. They have a half a million dollar a year budget and five full time paid staff, and every press event they have is in response to a story that is already in the news.

They don't break the story, they manage its breaking in the media. Then they leave town and there is rarely any support left for local survivors.

Do they never hear of new perps or victims except by reading the news themselves? Then they have to jump on a jet and fly to that city there to... run a press event, and manage the outflow of information. The survivors are told to stand behind the SNAP person and be silent, more or less, hold up a sign with SNAP's phone number, where they then will not return phone calls.

Then look closely at the OFFICIAL STATEMENTS put out and posted at the SNAP website regularly by David Clohessy.

Always he is delivering the message of what the Church is going to do. In a sinister way, almost the entire press statement will be what the Church is going to do and what the Church thinks.

It's creepy sinister and I don't think I'm imagining it.


Compare what City of Angels has been able to do with no budget working two part time jobs to support this blog, compared to what SNAP accomplishes in a year on their half million dollar a year budget, at least, with several people getting salaries.

Something is very wrong here and I'm tired of not pointing out the lion in the room that is scaring everyone else from talking.

No, I'm not going to apologize to anyone for pointing all these things out, and people who say that should apologize to me for suggesting it.

And take a closer look. I think we have all been conned. And my theory certainly explains why the public seems to not have gotten this story, no matter how hard we tried to relay it.

It's voluntary incompetence at the top of SNAP. That way no one dares complain, after all they're survivors too, and all survivors make mistakes, so give them some slack and don't mention all the screw-ups even when they happen over and over again?

No, not for twenty one years, and they stopped being volunteers a long time ago.

Also read more here at City of Angels 2:

The Whole SNAP Story, from City of Angels perspective... All based on true experience

.I remember the moment, in Pershing Square, a vigil while the bishops held their national meeting in the L.A. Biltmore across the street. I was disheveled, bloated and fat and self esteem? None. This was my second time finding SNAP. First time I'd been a warrior, moved a hundred miles to be closer to a SNAP meeting in Oakland, started a second daytime meeting in San Francisco. Wrote letters, started printing things out that I found on this new thing the Internet.Mid 1990s.Now it was 2006, there had been a murder in my family so I hadn't done SNAP for several years, now I could come back, all the chaos and insanity in that part of my life was finally ending and I could start paying attention to this priest thing again.Barbara Blaine who sat next to Mary Grant and I finally got a chance to talk to them. I was in awe of them, gazing up at them, probably looked pretty pathetic.I said, "It feels so good to be able to send out a letter to the editor and sign it Kay Ebeling, SNAP Los Angeles."Blaine and Grant looked at each other then looked at me, and said simultaneously:"You can't."

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