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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Are Convicted Pedophiles Who Were Catholic Priests and Served Time Not Listed on Sex Offender Lists? CA Perp Names Listed Here

How do they avoid monitoring? Seven in LA, three in the SF Bay Area, the list is too long. Convicted pedophile priests who served time today somehow escape legal mandates to register as sex offenders in California, according to research done by a Southern California activist, Debby Bodkin (the ex-priests names are listed below).

“After reviewing a public database maintained by and public court records," Bodkin writes she's found, “The Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese, has an at least 7 convicted former priests that have somehow escaped mandatory sex offender registration." I called Debby and asked her why their names aren't on the Megan's Law website and she answered, "That's what I'd like to know."

These are pedophiles who were Catholic priests and served time for their crimes, yet somehow they are not on the Megan's Law website.

Note: Los Angeles has been without a U.S. attorney since Thomas O'Brien retired in Spring of 2009. Amid rumors that a federal Grand Jury is investigating Cardinal Roger Mahony right now, the DOJ Los Angeles website reports: "The USAO is headed by Acting United States Attorney George S. Cardona."

From Bodkin's report on convicted pedophiles not registered:

"The Diocese of Oakland has 1, the Diocese of San Bernardino has 2, the Archdiocese of San Francisco has 1, the Diocese of San Jose has 2, and the Diocese of Orange has 3, priest Gerardo J. Tanilong who has been in violation since 10/5/09, and Albert Schildknecht and priest Luis Eduardo Ramirez, are not registered as all."

Bodkin found these former priest perpetrators from California parishes who are now out there somewhere with no monitoring:


1. Ahumada, Arturo, Convicted, Diocesan, Deacon, (NOT REGISTERED).
Pleaded no contest in 3/02 of providing pornographic material to 2 boys and misdemeanor sexual battery on one of them between 1999-2000 at Epiphany Church in South El Monte . Taken into custody 5/02 pending sentencing Sentenced 6/02 to 1 ys in county jail, a 44-month suspended state prison term, 5 yrs felony probation, and required to register as sex offender.
Source: LA Times 4.16.02; City News Services 5.24.02; LA Times 6.28.02; LA Times 8.18.02; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; Religion News Service 7.18.07

2. Bismonte, Honesto Bayranta, 1954, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED)
Accused of abuse between 1997-2001 while at St. Joseph Church in Pomona . Convicted 2003. Battery (misdemeanor) of two girls, age 12 & 8. Received 2 yrs probation.

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3. Fessard, Gerald B., 1972, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED).
Convicted 1987 of battery on child. 3 years probation. Sued in 2003 re alleged abuse.

Source: National Catholic Reporter 8.30.02; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; LA Times 8.18.02; City of Angels 12.07.07, Assignments: LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06

4. Henry, Richard Allen, 1972, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED).
Placed on leave 1991 after conviction for abuse of 4 boys. Removed from active ministry 1993. Sentenced 1993 to 8-year prison sentence. New accusations in 2002. Civil suit 2003 by 3 plaintiffs. A total of 13 accusers per archdiocese list. Included in12/06 $60M settlement re 22 priests which covers all of the cases involving molestations that occurred since Mahony was named head of the diocese in 1985.

Source: LA Times 6.25.92; LA Times 4.29.93; LA Times 6.17.02; LA Times 8.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Pasadena Star News 11.24.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; LA Times 2.18.04; LA Times 4.20.06; LA Times 12.2.06
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5. Kelly, Patrick M., 1950, Convicted, (NOT REGISTERED).
Jesuit - Irish Province Visiting Priest from Ireland . In 1991 returned to Ireland after allegation he abused a girl. Promised to return to face charges but did not. Pleaded no contest in 1992 to charges and received 3 yr Probation without returning to US. Civil suit filed 1992. Archdiocese report says 4 accusers from 1991.

Source: LA Times 8.18.02; National Catholic Reporter 8.30.02; LA Archdiocese Report 2.17.04 page 5, Assignments: LA Times Database 4.20.06

6. Lawrence, Joseph (LJ), 1951, Convicted, Claretians, (NOT REGISTERED)
Convicted in 1986 ( Los Angeles --3 mo. probation) for abuse of 14 yr old boy and in 2004 for abuse of several boys in 1970s-1980s ( Phoenix --14 yrs prison). Placed on leave 1985 and laicized 1992. Married woman with 3 boys in 1995. She knew he had been a priest but never knew of past allegations until his arrest in 2003. He was a counselor and worked for U of NM health center. Civil suits filed 1996 and 12/03.

Source: Associated Press 3.26.03; LA Times 3.26.03; Pasadena Star-News 11.24.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5; Associated Press 8.31.04; Albuquerque Tribune 12.29.06, Assignments: LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06

(NOTE: This priest does not appear to be on bishop accountability but is in Bodkin's research. Also, below, Bodkin lists Michael Baker, although as far as we know, he is still in prison.)

7. Baker, Michael Stephen, 1974, Settled Diocesan Accused of abuse, (NOT REGISTERED).
Two brothers settled in 2000 for $1.3M. Criminal charges dropped due to Supreme Court ruling. LA archdiocese counts 23 accusers. Arrested again 1/06. Laicized 12/00 per LA Times Database. Included in 12/06 $60M settlement re 22 priests. Also included in 7/07 massive $660M settlement of LA Arch cases. Pleaded guity 12/07 to abuse of 2 boys. Sentenced to 10 yrs 4 mo in prison. Protected by ArBp Maloney. Los Angeles , CA Source:
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1. Green, William S., Convicted, Redemptorist, (NOT REGISTERED)
Arrested 4/99 along with 5 other individuals for sending sexually explicit messages and pornography to a 14 yr old boy in chatroom on the Internet. Pleaded guilty 7/99 to two counts of oral copulation and one charge of attempting to send harmful material to a minor and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Source: San Fransicso Chronicle 4.14.99; San Francisco Chronicle 7.24.99


1. Benson, Gustavo, 1972, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED)
Arrested in San Bernardino for abuse of 2 boys. Pleaded no contest 1/87 re 1 and given 3 yrs probation and treatment in New Mexico . 6/02 article says he moved to Mexico and was assigned to a diocese there. Calif. Bishop told Tijuana Bishop of Benson's history and that he should never have access to adolescents. Benson does have access to children in current position. Two filed civil suit 12/03. Listed on 3/07 list released by San Diego Diocese.

Source: LA Times 5.6.87; San Bernardino Sun 4.29.02; San Bernardino Sun 5.8.02; Press Enterprise 5.10.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Press Enterprise 1.1.04; Press Enterprise 1.14.04; Press Enterprise 11.10.05; Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07
Assignments: Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07

2. Dominguez, Jesus "Jesse"Armando, 1983, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED)
Name appears on list of accused priests and religious released by the Los Angeles Archdiocese on February 17, 2004. List reflects 6 accusers and 1973-1988 as time of incidents. Worked in San Bernardino diocese from 1978-1993. Placed on leave. Pleaded no contest in 2001 to misdemeanor child molestation. Laicized in 2000. Charged in 2005 with abusing 2 boys in 1988-1989. Fled to Mexico before he could be arrested. Six men filed civil suits.

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1. Schipper, Carl Anthony, 1968, Convicted, Diocesan, NOT REGISTERED.
Arrested 3/04 after he held a series of explicit sexual conversations with what he thought was a 13 yr old boy in an Internet Chat Room. He was immediately placed on leave from position as academic dean at Menlo Park 's St. Patrick's Seminary. Pled guilty 8/00. Sentenced to 6 mo. jail and 3 yrs probation and to register as sex offender.

Source: San Jose Mercury News 3.4.00; SF Chronicle 3.4.00; SF Chronicle 8.23.00; San Jose Mercury News 11.22,00; Guardian 5.8.02


1. Burke, Edward Thomas, 1956, Convicted, Jesuit, (NOT REGISTERED)

Admitted to Jesuit superior in 2000 that he abused dependent adult man living/working at Jesuit center. Jesuits moved Burke but did not report accusation to police. Charged 5/9/02, pled guilty, and was sentenced 6/28/02 to 2 years in prison. Claims against Burke and Br. Charles Leonard Connor SJ settled 6/4/02 by Jesuits for $7.5M.

Source: LA Times 3.24.02; San Jose Mercury News 3.30.02; San Jose Mercury 4.1.02; LA Times 4.3.02; LA Times 5.10.02; LA Times 5.24.02; San Jose Mercury News 5.24.02; LA Times 6.29.02; LA Times 9.5.02

2. Gray, Robert A., 1988, Convicted, Diocesan, (NOT REGISTERED)
Convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy while teaching him karate in 1993. Charges re two other boys were dismissed. Sent to jail for 160 days and 5 years probation. Received psychiatric treatment before being returned to job in the Diocese in 1995.Removed from his job as head of cemeteries department and placed on permanent leave in June 2002.

Source: San Jose Mercury News 5.26.02; San Jose Mercury News 6.1.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; San Jose Mercury News 6.22.02; SF Chronicle 6.23.02; San Jose Mercury News 11.12.02


Debby Bodkin is not affiliated with any nonprofit or advocacy groupm, she did this research on her own. Bodkin wrote the Department of Justice Los Angeles this week to report these unlisted sex offenders and to say, if allowed to continue without law enforcement action:

“The civil right to be safe from sex crimes for unsuspecting children, adults, families and employees, is at serious risk.”

Bodkin added: “The Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese, has approximately 7 convicted former employees that have somehow escaped mandatory sex offender registration,” Bodkin writes. The Diocese of Oakland has 1, the Diocese of San Bernardino has 2, the Archdiocese of San Francisco has 1, the Diocese of San Jose has 2, and the Diocese of Orange has 3, priest Gerardo J. Tanilong who has been in violation since 10/5/09.

"Albert Schildknecht and priest Luis Eduardo Ramirez, are not registered as all."
Posted by Kay Ebeling, Producer, City of Angels Blog


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Anonymous said...

Thank You Kay for all the Great Work your doing here! I had no Idea there were soo many priest whom were not on any sex ofender list. It is great to find a place where I can get some answers to the many questions I have about this whole Priest sex abuse issue. I feel your blog has givin me a Great Deal of Support through your Reporting so Many Facts and bringing up so many more Questions that need to be asked . What Is Being Done about this Horrible situation!Seems Not Enough Obviously .