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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Found working at car lot with Play Area for Kids, Pedophile Priest in $15 million payout by Church, w/Video

By Kay Ebeling

They were keeping it a secret. The employee who reported it got fired, and ex-priest Roland Lepire still sells used cars to families in small town Massachusetts. He’s admitted he molested at least five boys while a priest in Rhode Island, the Diocese of Providence paid out more than $15 million in settlements concerning Lepire.

His MO was wrestling, then groping, almost exactly like Robert Van Handel, whose crimes we are still documenting from Santa Barbara.

Both priests took the boys into rectories, and the groping always ended up in fondling of the boys’ genitals.

Lepire admits to touching four boys one time over a one-month period (sounds like words repeated in the Confessional, "I was a bad priest, one time") It's highly unlikely those are the only boys he molested, considering data on child molesters. They rarely stop at one or two, rarely act out their compulsions only once or twice.

The story is in this video from a Norwood, MA, news report.

On camera in video below, Lepire says about his crimes, “Everything is public,” so there’s no problem of his desk being near the car lot play area.

His boss fired the priest after this report and others came out, November 2009.

Pedophile priests are now all over the country, with no monitoring, turned loose by the Catholic Church whose spokespersons have said on numerous occasions: That priest is on Social Security now that we’ve defrocked him, he is no longer the Church’s responsibility.

There have been 6000 pedophile priests in the USA since 1950 and researchers say when all investigations are finished the number will be closer to ten thousand.

This is a nationwide problem. Pedophile priests get prosecuted in less than 1 percent of the cases, because of outdated Statutes of Limitations of Child Sex crimes. In most states, the child has to report within too few years from the crime.

Plus the Catholic Church almost always settles out of court and keeps identities of the pedophile priests secret.

So today there are likely hundreds of credibly accused defrocked priests living in communities around the country, without monitoring.

In the Lepire case above, just in time someone found him perched to approach more children. Lepire's office at the car dealership was right next to the play area for children.

Background on Roland Lepire:

$13.5M settlement ends abuse suits against diocese
Today meant a real lot.” White, in an interview, said he felt that filing a lawsuit was …Alfred P. Desrosiers, Roland M. Lepire, Michael V. LaMountain,

Providence diocese settles 4 cases alleging priest abuse – Projo 7 …
Taking the news pulse of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, … by Father Roland Lepire at St. Matthew Parish in Central Falls in the early 1980s. …

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Posted by Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog

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