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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Docs in SNAP Group Leaders Packet 1997 scanned here

UPDATE: The group I ran in SF was 1997.  Here are some docs that were in files I have from that period. This one is most interesting, the papers that gave SNAP its IRS nonprofit status were filed through a Catholic institution.

I didn't just run a weekday group, they let me use the title Director of Communications for SF SNAP back then:

Not Sure Why This One is in there

Doesn't the above Doc show there was a SNAP connection all the way back to 1991 with the Dominicans, the Dominicans in Wisconsin? Then This Little Sucker keeps popping up, here is another copy of it, from my files.

WOW It says right here, I am announcing the Thursday noon meeting in this press release, the meeting that I ran at the SF Public Library, I found in a file from that period.

Funny thing is, because I have bad eyesight, I did not even know what these docs said until I scanned them. I read a few and posted them then did not get around to reading the rest and moving them here until a few days later

Then when I could click them to enlarge, I finally saw what they said. Almost alll of them. I did not even know what was in this file that I've scanned in here.

MORE: I was trying to get info to reporters about Servants of the Paracletes back in 1997, as a volunteer with SNAP as the below doc demonstrates:

This is just anonymous stuff sent back then, I also have a bibliogaphy that is several pages long that I am not going to scan up as I'm done.

People can read this and figure it out for themselves.

Here is yet another one of these from the Dominican Sisters. Note this was says Okay for SNAP Leaders to Duplicate.

Meanwhile, City of Angels is down for a while. Not for good just for a while. There's plenty of stuff here, click around and find stuff you haven't read yet. We'll be back, regrouped.

Funny enough, it is not the Church that has been beating City of Angels down, it has been SNAP, our "survivors network" of mysterious and numerous tales of origin.

Of course, the beat-down is not done in a blatant way, not in a way that anyone else can see, it's always behind the scenes, they are not that stupid to let advocates and other activist survivors see what they actually do to some of us.

They also do it in a way that if you try to report it or write about it or tell anyone what is happening to you, you sound insane....

I'm not that insane.

So, next time you wonder, why didn't SNAP follow up on that lead, why didn't that project ever come to fruition, what happened to that survivor who was so active and verbal and then just got discouraged and quit- next time that happens, the next time they stand up and make a press statement that doesn't say anything more than what's been said already in the news, why are they holding a press conference here when the real news is breaking over there, the next time you are wondering why Catholics don't get it and why the mainstream doesn't seem to know the story of what really happened, come back and read about what SNAP did to me, at City of Angels 2, and see if it starts making more sense.

Meanwhile I can't do City of Angels in a vacuum and that's how they've arranged it.

It wasn't just one incident, what you read here and at City of Angels 2 last week, it was a three-year long effort.

SNAP did not want City of Angels to happen. Because they didn't want me to see exactly what I saw.

I'll just have to wait and hope more people figure it out and more people are willing to go public with how they feel. It's amazing the stranglehold of fear this group has on the crime victims, they will tell me what they think but they won't put it on a comment with their names.

So, for me, it's been a lesson in just how devious and sinister and evil the Catholic Church can be, and I've learned, don't trust anybody.

UPDATE: February 2010 while City of Angels is down I can't help but have to point this out.

I did not even remember last week that I did press work for SNAP in 1997, until I saw these things I scanned in. My PTSD works that way, I am always going forward and quickly forget what I left behind me.

This is the last line referred to in the comment below, I'm not writing anything new, just copy and pasting things around differently.

"So, for me, it's been a lesson in just how devious and sinister and evil the Catholic Church can be, and I've learned, don't trust anybody."


Dan said...

That last line hits home to me..... I'll pray for you. Please pray for me.

Anonymous said...

I am soo Angry about the tactics SNAP use's sometimes When I have felt so confused about this whole thing I would talk to people and they felt the same way about SNAP but were afraid to say anything . Now I get it . I love you Kay Your the Best and I will always be greatfull for your work here. You have kept me grounded and informed in a GOOD Way . I felt Truth from you and you alone. You are my Hero! NO Matter What. Stay Strong women . Hugs Cynthia Falter and I am not ashamed of anything I feel about the whole situation Shame is on those who have treated you badly as far as I am concerned They are wrong for that!