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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Having the strangest experience.

It's over. I think...

I doubt I'll post another word at City of Angels.

I did what I came for. I identified the problem and wrote about it, reported it here yesterday.

Now if people prefer to believe what they are told instead of what they see, there's nothing more I can write on this topic.

I'm a chameleon, always have been, and it's real obvious, the way I feel, that another change is coming, and City of Angels is done.

I did what I came here for and until more people see and deal with the problem, I can't function in this "community."

City of Angels was run from the beginning on nudges. They're gone now. They left this morning.

There's nothing more to say. Until other people see what I see and say it out loud, there's nothing more I can say.


UPDATE Tuesday 6:05 AM

I'll probly do a story now and then. I don't know... I'm at work now, and feel more like just writing at City of Angels 2 for a while. There's new stuff there.


Anonymous said...

C’mon! You can’t throw in the towel now! There’s still work to be done. You’re feeling a little blue right now, but it will pass. Remember the lyric from The Man of LaMancha, “The Impossible Dream.” Every day, there’s a battle to be fought, with our outer and inner demons. That’s just the way it is. It wasn’t of our choosing, but we have to play with the cards that are dealt us. Pick yourself up, and let’s go on! PS: All the best to your daughter.

city of angels lady said...

VOTF needs $37 thousand a month to stay open. SNAP won't even tell people how much it gets and spends. City of Angels does all this work and can't buy an Amtrak ticket to Fresno to cover a trial. With all the gazillions of dollars that have gone through this movement in 15 years, no one sets up grants for things like, well, City of Angels.
They need offices, I do City of Angels in my bedroom between two part time jobs that support it. It's plain old not fair. I can't keep missing my paid work job to cover things for City of Angels and then do it on a 50 cents a week budget. No one has helped me out financially, the church, the non profits, and 99 percent of the survivors who have gotten settlements. No one has sent City of Angels enough cash to even cover a hearing in Orange County. If people can't see that, what can I do. I've asked for money in EVERY POST and I get maybe 40 dollars a month in PayPal clicks all together. Then SNAP holds a fundraiser and gets, well, nobody knows how much they get, but they fly in and out of town. How can you expect me to keep doing this when sometimes I don't even have food. I am so tired of seeing this disparity and seeing it continue and no one even THINKS, gee, I just got a million dollar settlement, maybe I should help City of Angels stay afloat. No one. No, I take that back. Two people out of the whole L.A. settlement to 500 plus peooke sent me one thousand dollars in 2007. That was it. Everything else has been people who are working and almost have no money themselves, they send me 4 dollars now and then, and it's so blatantly unfair and ridiculous for me to continue when I don't have shoes. I don't have TEETH. My clothes are too shabby to wear to court. This morning there is a haering that I would cover, but I can't pass up the 80 dollars or so I will make on work this morning as every month I barely make the rent on the slum where I still live.

So I guess money has a lot to do with this decision as well.

city of angels lady said...

Actually I sleep in the dining room, my daughter has the bedroom. So I do City of Angels in the space where I sleep in between the living room and the kitchen.

city of angels lady said...

And when I ask for a grant, SNAP itself hollers at me that I'm on a pity pot.

city of angels lady said...

Which doesn't surprise me as a reaction from SNAP, which is what sparked this whole thing to begin with Sunday...

Anonymous said...


Clohessy's organization has degraded into a CULT. Clohessy's Cult is in fear that you are or may give them competition should enough survivors begin to rally around you. Should that happen, they're scared their revenue source will be affected. Follow the politics, but above all, follow the MONEY!