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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Religious Douchebags, 9/11 Lunacy, Papal Hypocrisy, and Judgment Day: Links to Blogs of Note at City of Angels Today

Around the world, bloggers and advocates push the debate to new ground so that mainstream news will dig deeper in covering the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church such as CNN tonight in "What the Pope Knew."

One recent blog asks, "Is the Pope sorry for the abuse or just sorry they got caught?" and another states, "Pope Benedict has the obligation to shepherd credible mandates that all priest-abusers and bishops who abetted their crimes face disclosure and punishment." A quote that got little repetition from the UK last week: "The pope’s meetings with survivors are built on the foundation of keeping survivors off guard. These staged events are for the benefit of the Pope and not survivors," from NSAC. And favorite blog found this month not just for the name but for in-depth coverage of clergy sex crimes: Religious Douchebags by "Joe Smith."

You will find links to blogs such as Shakesville, Vatican Lobby, Philadelphia Freedom Blog, Religious Douchebags and others who have covered pedophile priest sex crimes in recent weeks, in today's post at City of Angels Blog.

From Vatican Lobby: "Benedict has the obligation to shepherd not just guidelines but credible mandates that all priest-abusers and bishops who abetted their crimes face disclosure and punishment." Read More at NYT Holds Pope Responsible posted at Vatican Lobby last July

(There's been a lot of pre-show publicity for tonight's CNN program, "What the Pope Knew" best coverage has been at beliefnet. Part one of their series on the CNN show quoted here:)

"Back then the local bishops could have made decisions on their own -- and should have decisions on their own to get these priests away from kids. And it was known that they could do that -- but if they knew that why were they sending desperate letters to Cardinal Ratzinger asking for it and doing it repeatedly? Even the bishops didn't know that! So, that's what's disturbing. "The argument is things were different back then. But, you know what? Children are children and they were being molested and nothing was being done about their molesters. The police weren't told, the public wasn't being told and the bishops in the United States were getting no adequate response from Cardinal Ratzinger." ( Read entire story at BeliefNet )

Blogger Mary Shaw in Philadelphia writes about the upcoming cable news report:

"According to CNN, the pontiff expressed his "deep sorrow" for the scandal. But is he really sorry for the abuse, or is he just sorry they got caught? Talk is cheap, you see. So let's once again take a look at his actions, which I've documented before, because this nonsense is nothing new. This pope has a long history of covering up the problem. Apparently, protecting the Church's reputation is more important than protecting its children...(Continue Reading: More Papal Hypocrisy on Clergy Sex Abuse at Philadelphia Freedom Blog

Religious Douchebags Blog keeps an ever-watchful eye on clergy sex abuse issues around the world, Catholic and other, Found at Religious Douchebags, posting recently: "Pope Benedict XVI spent the past few days in the UK. While there, he met with five former victims of sex abuse by priests.

Religious Douchebags has run these recent posts: Rev. Alejandro Flores Pleads Guilty - Pastor Daniel Vasquez Arrested For Molesting 30 Bo... - Pastor Timothy Parker Charged For Molestation - Pastor Malcolm Hoare On Trial For Molestation - Pastor Robert Riddle Pleads No Contest - Pastor Jennifer Michelle Brennan Convicted - Fugitive Priest May Be Extradited - Christine O'Donnell On Evolution with a name like "Religious Douchebags" you know it will tell the truth about pedophile priest crimes.

In a post at Shakesville about Eddie Long of Atlanta:

"Over and over again, we've heard about priests and protestant ministers who coerce victims into "sexual relationships" by positing that it is God's will and using their holy book to facilitate and justify rape. This is one of many reasons I am desperately opposed to substituting faith-based initiatives for a federally mandated and funded social safety net. Yeah, sixty-seven layers of bureaucracy is a pain in the ass, but it also provides a level of oversight and accountability that going to your local neighborhood rectory doesn't. And yeah, institutional offices and overworked employees can be cold and clinical, but they also don't ply vulnerable people with coercive fairy tales..." Continue Reading Just Like Jesus Would Do at Shakesville Blog.

Cartoon of the Week:


"So to those predator priests who think they can run away with the crime. Better think twice. You don’t live in a dark-aged society where you can still hide behind stone walls. You are now living in an technologically advanced society. Your days are numbered! (00100101001) But this is the consequence you brought to yourselves. For destroying public trust, for abusing your powers, you have created yourselves a malevolent God (the Terminator). Sure, you can always continue to preach about doomsday and the coming of Christ… Well, judgment day is coming alright, and it’s coming to haunt hypocrites. (From Blog: Anthony Y's Blog: Predator Priests, watch out! Judgment Day is Coming August 15, 2010.)


Not a Blog but re Post 9/11 Insanity in USA:

There was also a Catholic Church destroyed in Twin Towers 9/11 and never rebuilt
A Greek Orthodox Church was "at foot of Twin Towers"

While Americans let "The News" convince us a Muslim Center two blocks from the 9/11 attack site is controversy, we rarely hear about the Greek Orthodox Church that was actually destroyed in the World Trade Center attack:
Amid Furor on Islamic Center, Pleas for Orthodox Church Nearby In New York Times Times, by Paul Vitello ‎Aug 24, 2010‎
The furor over plans to build an Islamic center two blocks from ground zero had already been joined by several politicians. ...
Greek orthodox archdiocese demands church be rebuilt near 9/11 site
Sify - ‎Aug 24, 2010‎
While most Americans are protesting against the building of a Muslim community center and mosque near Ground Zero, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is using...
Supporters: Church ignored in NYC mosque furor
The Associated Press - Deepti Hajela - ‎Aug 24, 2010‎
NEW YORK — Supporters of a Greek Orthodox church destroyed on Sept. 11 say officials willing to speak out about a planned community center and mosque near ...

QUOTE OF NOTE: Mike Coode in the UK last week speaking for NSAC (National Survivor Advocacy Coalition):

"The pope’s meetings with survivors are built on the foundation of keeping survivors off guard. In these staged events a survivor is in the presence of the pope, a major world figure, for a very few minutes in a controlled atmosphere designed to intimidate not elucidate.

"These staged events are for the benefit of the Pope not the survivors. (NSAC’s envoy, Michael Coode, is in the UK this week to search for Catholics willing to commit to the cause of justice." Per the NSAC press release Sept. 15, 2010.

Inadvertently left out of our recent post about Re Jaime Romo's Workbook with quotes from his lawsuit:

Dr. Romo told City of Angels: "Healing the Sexually Abused Heart brings useful knowledge and experience to the aid of those suffering in the aftermath of abuse. This workbook treats the whole person by bringing the best of theory and practice to bear. Every chapter includes exercises to help readers recognize how their hearts and minds work together" Read more at Jaime's website:



Ken the Welder in San Diego Reports re picture above, “Roman Catholic University of San Diego does not like Molested Catholics on Campus, more to come.” He elaborated later: "A genuine child protection policy demands no less than a minimum joining age of 16 years.”
When City of Angels questioned Ken for more details about the picture he said, "A genuine child protection policy demands no less than a minimum joining age of 16 years. Educating for rape. A traditional Catholic education excuses the rape of children by clergy and the religious."

JUST FOR A LAUGH (from last summer):

Is the Pope Gay?

Gibson's dad calls Pope gay?
Toronto Sun
By WENN.COM Mel Gibson's father has hit headlines after reportedly blasting the Catholic Church and declaring Pope Benedict XVI a "homosexual" on a US radio ...
Slandering the Catholic Church: Where Left and Right Meet
About - News & Issues (blog) - I suppose it was inevitable: Every time Mel Gibson shoots his mouth off, every newspaper, radio, and television reporter starts jockeying for position, ...

Mel Gibson's Father on the Pope Being Gay: Original Story from January 2010 - Roger Friedman - I was amused to see a story make the rounds yesterday about Mel Gibson's crazy father, Hutton Gibson. Someone “discovered” his audio tape from last January ...
Mel Gibson's Father Says the Pope 'Gay' and the Vatican's Full of 'Queers' SheWired - by SheWired Editors Article Date: 08/09/2010 In a classic case of the apple doesn't fall from the tree Mel Gibson's father told listeners of a ...
Mel Gibson's Dad Hutton Gibson Calls Pope Benedict A "Homosexual, Anti-Pope" - Post Chronicle - Jack Ryan- Mel Gibson's Dad has done an interview taking shots at the Catholic Church and pope. Hutton Gibson, 91, went on the political Cesspool Radio ...

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