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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Catholics deceived re pedophile priests, Church has cash advantage over plaintiffs, read emails to City of Angels

"As the Pope speaks of healing and reconciliation, bishops do absolutely nothing to change their ways." - Mark Crawford, New Jersey

Running prayer requests in church bulletins for priests removed for pedophilia is "a calculated attempt by Bishops to keep uninformed Catholics deceived into thinking these are priests in good standing," reads one email. Another reader writes, "The Catholic Church has an advantage with its cash reserve over the plantiffs' attorneys." City of Angels Blog got these letters recently at :

(Re Paraclete Brochure Scanned Here from Jay Nelson in New Mexico)

In the first 9 years, they boast of helping "more than 500 priests- from 121 Archdioceses and Dioceses, 41 Orders and Congregations." This means that most of these church entities sent more than one priest for treatment and there is no indication if they are from the U.S. only or from where they come. (Servants of the Paraclete ran a rehab center for priests with "psycho sexual problems" in New Mexico.)

Most telling, however is the last page showing a priest returning to the world. Notice the Gospel caption: "Going therefore," at the top, and on bottom, "teach ye all nations."

If this is not a smoking gun of their intent to send their clients around the world, what is?

Ah, and the things these men of God have taught us...

Jay Nelson, Albuquerque

(Ruth Moore in Boston emailed John Wojnowski re our post about his 12-Year Vatican Protest which is actually going on 13 years now, and sent this copy to CofA:)

I am very touched by your crusade to bring the truth to all who are willing to listen. 12 years is such a long,long time to stand with your message. I am also very grateful for Kay Ebeling and her fortitude to continue to write about those who have been abused, the abusers and the prevailing injustice.

We here in Boston are coming up on 9 years of our stand in front of the Cathedral in Boston. I was so saddened that you stand alone - wish we could be there with you!!

You are a hero in my books and stand for the many, many survivors who can not speak out or who have passed on without speaking their truths.

With deepest respect and admiration,
Ruth Moore and the STTOP gang

Moore also sent the photo shown here of a recent Sunday in Boston in front of the cathedral, reproduced below with less pixels.

(Re Father Pete the Perp is Still a Priest where Peter Cheplic of For Pete's Sake, was found listed in church bulletin as "Reverend":)

Dear Kay: This is NOT an isolated case but I believe an attempt by New Jersey bishops to “legitimize” those priests who have been removed as “priests in good standing,” It is yet another attempt to deceive the faithful in the guise of prayers.

If the bishop wants to direct his priests to pray for other priests in public so be it. But this should never include clergy who were removed from public ministry. They can ask prayer for their souls in private.

The Catholic Church has found a new way to revictimize the people betrayed by these same priests. As the Pope speaks of healing and reconciliation, bishops do absolutely nothing to change their ways, the pedophiles continue to be protected, and the victims are still abused.

Here is the e-mail I sent Joe Capozzi.

Joe, several weeks ago I was attending a mass in honor of my nephew, who died a few years ago at the age of 21, (on the anniversary of his death) along with my entire extended family. I no longer attend church but the entire family attended and I did so out of the desire to support my family, but I sat in the back and they knew why.

That said, at the end of the mass the priest asked parishioners to pray for three priests, one of the men he named was a cleric forced to retire due to past credible allegations of sexual abuse of 2 young girls. After the mass I approached the priest to inquire about the priest to which I was referring and asked why he asked all to pray for him.

I said, gee Father I know Father John Giordano, is he sick, where has he been? He replied the bishop has directed all priests of the diocese to pray for and request prayers for other priests by parishioners’ at each mass and today it was Father Giordano’s turn as well as the other 2 he mentioned. He said they are given the names to be prayed for.

I too was outraged. The bishops are quietly trying to send a message that these men are priests in good standing and they are not! This occurred in the diocese of Metuchen and I know Cheplic is a Newark priest, without a doubt. I see this as a calculated attempt by Bishops to allow the uninformed catholic to be deceived into thinking these are priests in good standing.

If they are not allowed to present themselves as priests, then why are they being directed by bishops to refer to these men as “Father”? Why are the faithful being asked to pray for them PUBLICLY? These bishops will stoop to any level to deceive the church going catholic. Just know that you are not alone and it appears this is just another “PR” stunt by the bishops to misrepresent the truth.

I now see they are even printing these prayer requests in the weekly bulletin.

It is a new scam being perpetrated on catholics again in the guise of requesting prayers.

Regards, Mark Crawford
Director, New Jersey SNAP

(From Philadelphia Re: Mahony Justice re Pedophile Priests: Outspend Plaintiffs as Only the Catholic Church Can, Arthur Baselice writes:)

The Catholic "church" is similar to a large corporation, only the church is tax free and the church has a river of money to spend.

The morons that continue to support the church in the hopes of everlasting life are the problem, stop donating.

The Catholic "church" has an advantage with its cash reserve over the plantiffs' attorneys who take cases on a contingency fee.

The Catholic "church" speaks with forked tongue. They promise transparency and accountability and then use every legal technicality to subvert the truth !!!

When will the faithful learn that they are supporting a "criminal organization"?

How come the Dalai Lama doesn't have "SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY" or THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY?

The U.S. is enabling the pedophile priest perps by this privilege it must be revoked !!!!

(Baselice works in law enforcement in Pennsylvania.)

FEATURED QUOTE: "The only difference between the Mafia and the Catholic Church is the Mafia had people policing them. And nobody’s policing the Catholic Church" - per Rita Prince, Las Vegas SNAP, September 2010

Posted by Kay Ebeling, Producer, City of Angels Blog, not just in Los Angeles
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These comments were posted by me around the internet last weekend:

BeliefNet asked the CNN Producer of What the Pope Knew:

JWK: Were the victims eager to talk with you?
TUCHMAN: Not eager.

I posted this comment just now:

There are aboout a hundred thousand victims of Pedophile priests alive in the U.S. today, and a lot of us want to talk. Why didn't CNN look for us? Read City of Angels Blog for coverage of these crimes by a journalist who is also a victim- and who wants to see more of this story in mainstream about how far ranging these crimes were. Every archdiocese in the USA had pedophiles for decades. (Posted at Beliefnet the interview part 2 re last weekend's CNN program.)

ALSO POSTED at "What the Pope Knew" at Popes and Papacy blog, another Ebeling comment:

There are at least a hundred thousand victims of pedophile priests living as damaged adults in the USA today, yet CNN says they could not find victims to interview? New statistics are rising as documents are ordered released by Courts in the USA and Europe. Bishop Accountablity now says ten percent - 10% - of priests were pedophiles on average in American dioceses. The number of pedophile priests found so far in the USA is 10,969 and counting also per BA. I cover these crimes and find one reader at a time, get no support from the church or "advocacy groups" posting at as a victim of these crimes who is also a journalist. I reported on the new statistics, a case from 1999 settled in L.A., a brochure from a pedophile priest treatment center in the 1950s, and NONE of this information makes it to mainstream media.

Another comment:

Actually, mainstream media has barely touched the subject of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church. New statistics show 10 percent of Catholic priests were pedophiles 20 times higher than regular population. There are 10,969 priests ID'd as pedophiles in the USA so far and still counting, both stastistics per Bishop Accountability. As a victim of this crime I blog about it at City of Angels Blog. I know from experience, the church is lying to parishioners and doing all it can to keep these crimes still a secret.

Even last night's report on CNN was just a rehashing of what has already been reported. My blog publishes new facts on the crimes every week, and victims groups as well as the church and media leave out details that show the extent of these crimes, still today. ( Posted at Protect the Pope dot com. ) (awaiting moderation as of last 7:20 PM)


CNN still does not say anything in What the Pope Knew that has not already been reported, just repeats it for a new audience. I post news that is reported nowhere else on the pedophile epidemic, 3-4 times a week, at by a victim of this crime who is also a journalist, me. I KNOW the Church still does all it can to keep these crimes secret, to this day. I post documents and facts, cover court hearings, and the work is weirdly ignored by mainstream media AND advocacy groups as well as the church. Bloggers are the ones who are really pushing this news out. CNN could do so much more. (Posted at Atheist Media Blog Saturday night)

Cartoon Found on Arrest the Pope on his Next Visit to the US (On Facebook)
Blogged by Kay Ebeling, City of Angels Blog, Producer

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