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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clergy Abuse Advocates mysteriously ignore work of City of Angels

Last February, we posted that it's a conflict of interest for the head of the pedophile priest victims' advocacy group to have a brother who is a pedophile priest, and that it raises questions that this perpetrator secretly went into treatment at about the same time as this director stepped in as director.

Since then City of Angels has had the wagons circle against us. The reaction of groups that purport to be advocating for pedophile priest crime victims has been very telling, and it makes it real obvious that I said something this group of groups does not want anyone to say.

So of course I will not stop saying it. I also will not stop producing genuine journalism that breaks News, as in new information, about the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church.

The stories linked below ran at City of Angels in September and were ignored by Abuse Tracker, so were also not picked up on Bishop Accountability, a situation that has existed since the day I posted the Super Bowl 2010 post, my "kamikaze post" I called it, except I have too many readers who encouraged me to keep producing City of Angels, in spite of the "victims' advocacy groups" circling the wagons and shutting me out.

As far as I'm concerned, their reaction is very revealing, and definitely a part of the whole story.

These are posts ignored by victims advocates for pedophile priest victims in the past month: Remember, these are all original stories, with new information not published anywhere else:

Pedophile priest 1950s treatment plan revealed in Servants of the Paraclete brochure (Scanned Here)


Fr. Pete the Perp is Still a Priest, in spite of assurances Newark Archdiocese gave to his victims


Priests did nothing to stop abuse as they were abusers themselves, reads settled lawsuit of Jaime Romo, Ed.D. PLUS scanned workbook pages


Religious Douchebags, 9/11 Lunacy, Papal Hypocrisy, and Judgment Day: Links to Blogs of Note at City of Angels Today
And this one re Roger Mahony settling with another victim on Sept. 15, these crimes from the 1990s, post not picked up at Abuse Tracker???

Settlement in 1990s Clergy Case re L.A. Archdiocese, Br. Modesto Leon, Camp Unity, Claretian Missionaries (Read Complaint Here)
All the readers who relied on Abuse Tracker to find these posts think I'm not producing anymore. I have to go out and find readers one at a time, on my own. That's victims' advocacy in the pedophile priest crime victim world.

Doesn't anyone else find it mysterious that groups advocating for transparency in the Church continue to conduct their work behind closed doors and with whispering campaigns?

Is there any genuine reason for Abuse Tracker and SNAP to ignore work we do here at City of Angels? The only explanation I can think of is that some entity above them is running the show, the "movement," and dictating how information about pedophile priest crimes in the Catholic Church will get released.

Well, whoever is running that show, which always takes center stage when a media event occurs, such as last week's Papal visit to the UK, they are not running City of Angels Blog.
POST NOTE: The pedophile priest who sexualized my sister and me, Father Thomas Barry Horne, also was removed from the Bishop Accountability database around February 2010, what a coincidence.

POST NOTE 2: The problem with Abuse Tracker got resolved for about a week. They ran 1 or 2 posts this summer, then Terry McKiernan mysteriously stopped posting CofA posts and stopped returning my emails.

City of Angels is still increasing in readership daily, but it's through no help from the nonprofits that put themselves in the news continuously as advocates for victims.

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