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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

So where is Modesto pedo-priest Leo Suarez (just defrocked) going to be living free and easy now?

Once again the Church removes a priest after credible pedophile allegations. He ends up with no criminal record, no monitoring. The Stockton Diocese says he is in "treatment." For how long? Where will he go next? What community will Leo Suarez be free to roam after he goes unmonitored off the Diocese Payroll and onto Social Security to be supported by taxpayers this week?

Modesto priest removed over sexual misconduct
San Jose Mercury News - ‎
MODESTO, Calif.—The Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton says it has removed a Stanislaus County priest after he admitted sexual misconduct with a minor 20 ...

Priest removed over past misconduct with minor
Stockton Record - Joe Goldeen
The Rev. Leo Suarez, a 22-year Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Stockton, has been relieved of his duties after admitting ...

Priest Out Of Church After Sex Abuse Allegations
Andrea Menniti
The information you provide will be used only to send the requested e-mail and will not be used to send any other e-mail communications. ...

Stockton Diocese Priest Makes Child Sex Admission
STOCKTON, CA - A longtime priest in the San Joaquin Valley has been relieved of duties following an admission of child sex 20 years ago, according to the ...

Former Fatima priest removed for sexual misconduct
Merced Sun-Star
Sue Nowicki
The Rev. Leo Suarez, a priest who served last year at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Modesto, has been removed because of sexual ...

We will return from hiatus January 15th. Now back to not thinking about this subject for a month...


Anonymous said...

why don't you just go make a citizen's arrest?

Anonymous said...

Note that the Stockton Record article states that the reason for no report to law enforcement is the statue of limitations has run. The article also lists all the parishes where Suarez served (i.e. is notifying the public through the news media), and that the diocese is soliciting any/all information about further victims or incidents, and gives contact information for the the diocesan's abuse notification person (all dioceses now have these.)
Since a citizens arrest would be futile if the statute has run, suggest contacting the diocese's lead abuse person see if they are prepared to notify anyone when/if Suarez is released from treatment and what happens then. Note that if he isn't convicted of abuse, he's not required to register.